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Destiny 2: Into the Light is a free content updated available to all players, which brings along a brand new PvE activity called Onslaught, 12 iconic weapons from past eras of the game re-released as the Brave Arsenal, as well as new armor sets, a seal and a title called Brave and a Superblack shader. You can buy Into the Light boosting services at Boosthive, to get the best rolls and the coolest rewards sooner than anybody else!

Destiny 2: Into the Light Content

The main activity of Into the Light is Onslaught - a horde-mode tower defense, where a Fireteam of three Guardians defends the Last City from incoming waves of Witness’ forces. Another addition coming with Into the Light is a new social space called the Hall of Champions. There, Lord Shaxx and Arcite 99-40 act as vendors and players will be able obtain new weapons from the Brave Arsenal, new armor sets and other rewards. Another fantastic reward is the Superblack Shader available after collecting two special keys.

Onslaught Activity

Onslaught is a wave-based PvE activity, where players are tasked with defending one of three possible locations. The goal is to defend an ADU (Advanced Defense Unit) - a special installation created to protect the Last City from Witness’ forces. If an any point the ADU falls, your run ends.

Each defense segment consists of ten waves, where the first nine waves are divided into three-wave rounds. Each round the difficulty increases. Once nine waves are completed, players will be transported to a Pyramid Ship to take on the boss. After the boss is defeated, a chest appears and players can claim their rewards.

There are going to be two difficulties available for Onslaught: Normal and Legendary. Normal is limited to 10 waves, and Legendary goes all the way up to 50, with later waves being closer to Nightfalls in terms of challenge. Get your Legendary Onslaught run boost from Boosthive and reap the rewards!

The Hall of Champions Social Space

Destiny 2: Into the Light includes a brand new Social Space called the Hall of Champions. Lord Shaxx and his trusty Redjack frame Arcite 99-40 have prepared a slew of rewards, including new weapons and armor sets, as well as a Superblack shader for obtaining two keys - Superblack Key Alpha and Superblack Key Omega. Buy the Superblack Shader and be the most fashionable Guardian at the Tower!

Into the Light Weapons

One of the main selling points of Into the Light is the Brave Arsenal - 12 iconic weapons from Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 re-imagined for the current sandbox. These weapons come with brand new perk pools, with one of the perks being completely new to the game and a brand new Origin trait exclusive to the Brave Arsenal.

These weapons are unlocked by completing Bounties from Arcite 99-40, and then can be acquired by opening chests in the Onslaught activity and in the Hall of Champions by spending a special currency.

The Brave Arsenal includes:

When you acquire a weapon, there is a small chance of getting a limited edition of the weapon with a shiny golden shader. These special versions are only available before the release of the Final Shape DLC!

One important thing to note, is that not all weapons will available on release. Only six Into the Light weapons will be available on April 9th, with the other half gradually unlocking over the course of three weeks, two weapons per week. Buy Into the Light weapons at Boosthive and leave the grind to us!

In case you encounter any difficulties with purchasing the Into the Light carries, do not hesitate to contact us directly. You can reach out to us via Discord, or live chat here on the website. Our customer support team is available 24/7 and is always happy to help you out. Make your Into the Light journey more fun and exciting with Boosthive today!

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