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WoW Achievements

Achievements in World of Warcraft are an important part of the game. They serve as a kind of indicator of your character progression. Some players do achievements for fun, others want them all for collection because they like the moment of completion and fulfillment. However, not every player enjoys every aspect of the game. WoW achievements boost is your best way to avoid boring grind, but keep your character and account with top progress.

There are more than 3000 different achievements in WoW. Some of them are very easy and take literally 5 minutes to get, others require the help of mighty foes or months of long farming. You not only get achievement points for doing this part of content. There are also tons of rewards that await you for the most difficult tasks in-game: mounts, titles, tabards, flying access, transmogrification gear and much more. Just simply buy wow achievements from Boosthive team to get it started today!


Are you a little confused about wow achievements service?


To make it easy we divided the most popular achievements into 5 groups:

  • BfA Achievements – here we collected the most necessary and rewarding achievements from reputation farm to the BfA Pathfinder. You can find raid glories from the most actual raids, warcampaign and much more related to the latest expansion here.
  • Legion Achievements – this expansion had a lot of cool stuff including artifact skin farm, balance of power questline, class hall campaign with class mount in the end and Good Suramartian that takes ages to complete. You can also find Legion Pathfinder here to unlock flying on Broken Isles.
  • Wolrd Events – we all know and like various celebrations all over the year. However, no festival rules forever. In WoW they last only 1 - 2 weeks and not every player has time to get all the achievements. If you don’t want to wait another year to get your Wolpertinger for Brewfest – this category is for you.
  • Feats of Strenght are the most difficult or longest achievements in the game. Some of them, like Ahead of Curve or Cutting Edge are available only during certain patch or expansion. So we recommend to take a look at this category so you don’t miss anything special!
  • Achievement Packs These are the biggest achievements in the game, which consist of different tasks. If you do not want to spend a whole month on a boring Loremaster that requires to complete all quests in the game, then this category is for you.


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