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Shadowlands Keystone Hero

Dungeon portals are back to World of Warcraft Shadowlands with a new hardcore Mythic Plus achievement. Keystone Hero is a future FoS achievement that will be rewarded for completing a particular mythic plus dungeon on the +20 key difficulty level. Here we offer you to buy any +20 dungeon runs and complete all of the Keystone Hero achievements.

Keystone Hero carry rewards includes.

  1. All Mythic 20+ keys completed in timer.
  2. 8 x Feats of Strength achievements:
  3. Personal teleport to every SL dungeon in your spellbook:
  4. 236 ilvl items dropped for you (252 ilvl in the Great Vault).
  5. At least 1600 mythic+ score gained.
  6. A lot of experience in completing high keys with the top team.

Boost ETA 1-2 weeks for all 8 dungeons.

The delivery time depends on the amount of 20+ keys you want us to complete in time. However, we offer a flexible schedule to meet your needs: we will prepare the specific keys and arrange the most comfortable time to do the run with you.

Before purchasing Keystone Hero boosting service please check if you fit the following basic requirements. In case you miss some of them please contact our manager via online chat and we will be glad to help you.


  • 60 level;
  • 230 item lvl and DPS spec.

Please note: Mythic 20+ keys are considered as high-end content, so the team will need you to contribute good damage during the run. If you're a bit worried about your performance we offer to complete this service in a piloted mode.

Keystone Hero Boost Explained

How many times did you wish to simply teleport to one of the main dungeons in Shadowlands without the need to travel through Oribos and spend those precious in-game minutes that could be used for clearing more high mythic+ keys? A lot, right? Then your struggles are over with the Keystone Hero boosting service you can get a portal to every dungeon and be there in a matter of seconds for your next mythic run.

It is quite a nifty addition to your means of traveling the vast world of Shadowlands, however, it takes quite a challenge to get it. Clearing all M+ dungeons on a +20 keystone difficulty is not a joke, especially if you have not got a nice party to do it with.

That is where Keystone Hero carry service comes into play:

  • our Professional +20 key boosting party will take care of the selected dungeon;
  • you will get a chance for awesome high-item level loot from every key run;
  • M+ keys cleared in-timer to complete the requirements for FoS achievement;
  • you can opt to do Keystone Hero boost in a piloted mode to minimize your stress;
  • all that with the 24/7 support and curation of our manager!

Sounds nice, isn't it? +20 keystone run, awesome powerful high-end loot, and eternal portal to the dungeon that will work even in the future expansion! Hundreds of achievement points and future FoS come as a valuable bonus!

How to buy Keystone Hero carry service?

The easiest way you can complete the Keystone Hero achievements is to get the offer that we have for sale here. It includes a full completion of every dungeon on +20 keystone and therefore unlocks all the dungeon entrance teleports in Shadowlands.

However, if you have already completed some of the dungeons by yourself, or bought an M+20 run, you can select the most difficult ones and finish them off with our pro-boosting team. This will only make your carry faster and cheaper. In any way do contact our manager for more information about Keystone Hero FoS and how to get it in patch 9.1 as they are ready to assist you in any way possible.

Keystone Hero