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Mythic+ Bundle

Mythic+ bundle allows you to run several keystones at the best price. We recommend picking up 5 or 7 dungeons as it allows you to get 2 options to choose from in the Great Vault. 

Boost ETA: 3-4 hrs (depends on the number of keys you pick).

You will get:

  1. 3-5-7 or 10 mythic 10+/15+ dungeons completed "in timer".
  2. x135 Valor per dungeon.
  3. 10 keys: chance for 229 ilvl gear and a guaranteed 239 in the Great Vault.
  4. 15 keys: chance for 236 ilvl gear and a guaranteed 252 weekly item.

Before purchasing this bundle, please choose your armor type (you can pick several types in case you want to do it with different characters). If you want to do concrete dungeons, choose a specific keys option.

Please note: this package has some minimal requirements. If you don't meet any of these - just contact us in the online chat, skype, or discord, and our managers will be happy to help with any questions.


  • 60 level character;
  • no gear needed;
  • you don't need to bring your own key.
Mythic+ Bundle (2 FREE traders)