Mythic+ Bundle

Mythic+ Three Plus One Bundle

Mythic+ bundle allows you to run several keystones at the best price. We recommend picking up 3+1 free or 6+2 free dungeons combos as it allows you to get 2 or 3 options to choose from in the Great Vault. 

Boost takes: ~2-3 hours | Start time: 15 minutes.
Mythic+ bundle includes:
  • x3 Mythic+ runs + 1 free run, or x6 Mythic+ runs + 2 free runs;
  • Chance to get 502/506/509 ilvl end-of-dungeon loot;
  • Chance to get 515/518/522 ilvl Great Vault rewards;
  • Aspect's Awakened Crest for gear upgrade from M+6, M+8, M+10, M+13, and M+15 dungeons;
  • Some Flightstones currency;
  • Mythic+ score.
Additional options:
  • in timer option guarantees you run in time;
  • specific dungeon — you can choose the concrete dungeon we do (type the name in notes in checkout fields).

This bundle has some minimal requirements. If you don't meet any of these - just contact us in the online chat, skype, or discord, and our managers will be happy to help with any questions.

  • 70 level;
  • no gear needed;
  • you don't need to bring your own key.

Characters with the same armor type increase loot chance for your character. But we need to mention that additional loot traders only increase the chance but do not guarantee items during the run. 

Mythic plus loot rewards

Key Level End of dungeon reward (2 items for a group) Great Vault reward
2 496 ilvl 509 ilvl
3 499 ilvl 509 ilvl
4 499 ilvl 512 ilvl
5 502 ilvl 512 ilvl
6 502 ilvl 515 ilvl
7 506 ilvl 515 ilvl
8 506 ilvl 519 ilvl
9 509 ilvl 519 ilvl
10 509 ilvl 522 ilvl

Please note that there is no exact amount of items guaranteed from mythic+ dungeons because items from the chest at the end of the dungeon are spread randomly across party members. However, you're guaranteed to get the Great Vault reward at the end of the week.

Dragonflight Season 4 Dungeons List:

Mythic+ dungeon pool will be completely different in Dragonflight Season 4. Here is a full list of dungeons to choose from:

  • The Azure Vault.
  • Brackenhide Hollow.
  • The Nokhund Offensive.
  • Ruby Life Pools.
  • Halls of Infusion.
  • Algeth’ar Academy.
  • Neltharus.
  • Uldaman.
Mythic+ Three Plus One Bundle