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WoW Raid Mounts

WoW Raid mounts are one of the rarest and awesome rideable things in the whole World of Warcraft game. The drop of such mounts is usually very low or depends on a complicated achievement. Therefore buying wow raid mounts that we have for sale is the fastest way to get them to your mount collection. Get your raid mount boost today and ride this glorious creature into the skies of Shadowlands.

Buying WoW raid mounts

If you are on this page you are familiar with the concept of mount collection in World of Warcraft. Buying mounts that originate from WoW raids is quite a good option. Even if you are a novice player, you should be aware that WoW raid mounts are the rarest, cool-looking, and difficult to get species of all rideable creatures in our favorite game.

It obviously depends on the type of vehicle you are trying to get but mostly any WoW raid mount boost takes a lot of effort to complete. Especially that is fair for the current game content, however, at times previous tiers can also be quite challenging.

The WoW raid mounts carry service you might consider to buy from our store will definitely help you to benefit from the following perks:

  • fast and 100% guaranteed raid mount looted;
  • all achievements or bosses completed to get that WoW raid mount;
  • raid mount boosting performed by professional carry team;
  • multiple raid runs to comply with the WoW raid mount drop chance;
  • one of the cheapest WoW raid mount prices on the market.

Boosthive has most of the World of Warcraft reading mounts for sale and our boosters know exactly how to get each one of them. With over 15 years of gaming experience, we know that clean raid mount carries is the way to go to secure your character and get a 100% satisfaction rate from our clients.

So what are the differences between buying a raid mount in WoW and actually trying to get it yourself? This easy-to-grasp list of the top 5 benefits of raid mounts carrying service will definitely make you lean towards the first option.

Top 5 advantages of raid mount boosts:

  1. Save lots of your playing time while raid mount farming is done for you!
  2. Get a 100% guarantee on your mount acquisition.
  3. No need to gather extra people to get your raiding mount.
  4. Experience the whole process in a relaxed way.
  5. Raid mount boosting done by a qualified carry team.

What WoW raid mounts are for Sale?

Almost any raiding mount in World of Warcraft can be acquired through our boosting store. However, there are some requirements that go with each of our products. To check them out you will have to select the item you are interested in and check the product description.

It is important to note that each mount has a different way of acquisition and therefore the following variables can be changed from one mount carry run to another:

  • Time of the raid mount farm in WoW can differ;
  • The raid mount drop chance depends heavily on luck and RNG;
  • Raid-achievement mounts are done at the agreed time;
  • Farming of several rare WoW raid mounts can take weeks or even months.

Raid mounts in WoW: types and description

There are 3 main types of raid mounts that can be bought in World of Warcraft. Some of them are unique and have only a few percent chances to drop. Others are a guaranteed drop from some raid bosses or can be acquired by completion of “raiders glory” achievements.

Here is the table clearly showing all 3 types of mounts found in raids of WoW.

WoW raid mount type

Raid mount Source

How to get this raid mount

Farming frequency

100% Last Raid Boss Drop mounts

Last Boss of the raid (depends on the raid tier)

Kill the last boss of the raid during the active raiding season.


Glory of the Raider  achievement mounts

The reward for the raid meta-achievement

Complete all achievements in the raid to get a raid mount as a reward.

Can be completed in a single raid run.

1% Drop raid mounts

Rare drop from particular raid bosses

Farm the boss repeatedly until the raid mount drops.


Whether you would like to buy a raid mount from the last boss or an achievement one we can assist you with our professional carry team. Select your item, speak to one of our available 24/7 managers, or keep reading to get some more info on WoW raid mounts carries.

How WoW Raid Mounts carry works?

The process of a raid mount sell-run is pretty straightforward. It consists of these easy to follow steps:

  • select the WoW raid mount you wish to buy;
  • our manager will instantly reach out to you to clarify all the details;
  • schedule the raid time of your mount carry run;
  • attend the mount raid loot run and get your reward;
  • ride your WoW raid mount into the skies on the new expansion.

Some mounts may require multiple raid runs (known as raid mount farming) over the course of several weeks. Our manager will guide you through the full process and explain clearly how your particular raid mount carry would be organized.

Glory of the Raider mounts for sale

The raider’s glory mounts are an ultimate reward for completing the most challenging PvE achievements of the current raid tier. They are a solid 100% drop chance right after the proc of raid meta-achievement. There have been a lot of such mounts over the years of WoW raiding history.

These are the top 5 WoW raider glory mounts to add to your collection.

  1. Antoran Gloomhound.
  2. Corrupted Egg of Millagazor.
  3. Reins of the Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher.
  4. Rampart Screecher.
  5. Gorestrider Gronnling.

This is our top pick of the glory raiding mounts in WoW, perhaps you want some other ones. Feel free to browse this page to find your perfect rideable creature.

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