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Glory of the Firelands Raider

The Glory of Firelands raider boost is a run through the Firelands raid in heroic mode with completion of 12 achievements that are required for Glory of Firelands Raider meta-achievement.

Boost takes 2 hours.

Mount Corrupted Egg of MIllagazor is an epic fly mount. It's a corrupted version of the mount from the Ragnaros. If you need only Only the Penitent... achievement just choose that option.

WoW Glory of the Firelands Raider carry includes:

The default option is with piloted mode if you would like to play your own, please choose the Selfplay option. Livestream is available for piloted mode with requesting before we start.


  • 100 or higher level character;
  • No gear requirements;
  • The fresh cooldown for the Firelands raid.

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Glory of the Firelands Raider