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Glory of the Ulduar Raider

The Glory of the Ulduar raider boost is a run through the Ulduar raid in 10 or 25 player mode with completion of 13 achievements required for Glory of Ulduar Raider meta-achievement.

Boost takes ~2 hours.

All Ulduar achievements could be done in a 10 or 25-ppl raid size and you will receive both mounts for completing 1 glory.

WoW Glory of the Ulduar Raider carry includes:

There are 38 achievements in Ulduar that are not included in the Glory of the Ulduar Raider, you can add that option to complete them too.


  • 40 or higher level;
  • No gear requirements;
  • The fresh cooldown for the Ulduar raid.

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Glory of the Ulduar Raider