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WoW Arena Boost

Wondering about getting a WoW arena Gladiator title boost or just want to get your weekly arena points cap done? You have arrived at the right place for both! Any arena boost in WoW is available to buy here at Boosthive! Stop thinking of top PvP ranks as something unreachable for you, you can do it with our help. Whether you buy arena coaching with multi-gladiator players or just get that arena rank boosted, in any way you will be carried to your desired PvP goals, we can 100% guarantee it! Just select the right arena bracket (2v2 or 3v3), tell us which WoW arena carry service you want to buy, relax and let us take care of the rest!

Where can the WoW arena carry get me?

Perhaps you have seen professional PvP players on your server, geared-up in the Elite PvP Sets, and proudly wearing cool PvP titles? Have you? Then you should know that only 20% of top PvP players got to such high standing themselves. Most World of Warcraft players just doesn’t have enough time to grind the arena so much and boost their skills to master the art of PvP. But time is not the only obstacle on your journey to the top arena ratings. Various overpowered classes, unstable arena meta, one-shot cleve set-ups will never let you to earn arena rating at a convenient pace. Even if you are pretty good at PvP, the common WoW arena win rate will vary between 40-60% meaning that you will need hours, weeks, and even months of continuous arena grind to achieve some outstanding results.

Is there a faster, less time-consuming solution you may ask? Of Course, there are and most so-called pro PvP players on your server know about it and use it regularly to support their titles and improve their skills. Professional arena coaching services and wow arena carry can help you develop the necessary PvP skills and get that WoW rating boost that you require to start obtaining high ilvl PvP gear. So let's summarise how our top-rated elite WoW arena services could assist you.

If you buy WoW Dragonflight arena boosting service you will:

  • Save time and avoid nervous brake-down while trying to boost your wow rating by yourself;
  • Skip the lengthy arena grinding process;
  • Avoid meeting “True-PvPers” who don’t even know what an arena chain-control is;
  • Get ultimate wow arena guidance from top PvP players;
  • Achieve your WoW arena goals and objectives;
  • Learn new warcraft arena playstyles and tactics;
  • Get your arena rating boosted up to Gladiator standing;
  • Get WoW arena achievements so that you can join other PvP activities without any questions.

How much arena rating is needed for WoW Gladiator title boost?

The whole notion of the WoW arena is rotating around the acquisition of arena rating. Depending on your rating you will be placed in the particular group and be awarded the corresponding title at the end of the arena season.  The arena rating boost can be divided into several categories, which require different levels of skill and time to achieve. Here are the wow arena tier list and the title which it grants at the season end.

  • 1000 rating – Combatant;
  • 1400 rating – Challenger;
  • 1800 rating - Rival;
  • 2100 rating - Duelist;
  • 2400 rating - Elite;
  • 2400 rating and 50 wins – Gladiator.

The arena ladder titles below 1800 rating are easy to acquire and therefore the price for them is cheap and the boosting process is very fast. Whereas the titles after that including the infamous WoW arena Gladiator boost, the most prestigious PvP title in-game is much harder to get. We not only provide this type of arena service but we also can do it through coaching so that your account will be 100% safe and secured. You will play with an ultra-skilled professional PvP team that will explain to you exactly what to do to get to the wow arena rank 1. They will play as many games as needed to carry your character to the top arena standing and get you that Gladiator title.

What other WoW arena boosting services do you offer?

Boosthive has a full team of professional skillful arena boosters with all WoW classes maxed out on any server and faction side. We boost arena in WoW Dragonflight for both Horde and Alliance players and do it according to our high-quality standards. Here is an overview of the arena carry services we do without going into great detail about them.

All those services are available 24/7 and you can order them here at our store. If you have any difficulty or would like to have some special WoW arena boost, please contact our managers in the on-line chat and they will make sure you will get exactly what you desire.

WoW arena mount boost

Winning arena games will not only get you more rating but they can also increase your mount collection. Here at Boosthive, you can buy various different PvP mounts. After winning x82 arena games in WoW Dragonflight, your character will receive x1 Vicious Saddle, which can then be traded for a particular PvP mount.

For any additional x82 wins, you get another one, thus being able to buy another mount of your choice. Here are some of the most desirable wow PvP mounts:

When you are ordering an arena rating boost you can also vouch for obtaining one of the great PvP mounts. Speak to our managers to get more information and a special discount.

WoW Arena Coaching and account security

We are fully aware of the fact that Blizzard is monitoring all PvP activities with extra vigilance, therefore we are doing our best to safeguard your account. We are focusing our WoW arena services on coaching rather than boosting. In this way, your account is safe 100% of the time and you are getting extra value on your order in terms of PVP skill development and arena training.

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