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WoW Arena Carry

Rated Arena or PvP in World of Warcraft is a place where you can check out your skills and fight against other players. You group up with your teammates and fight against other players in a limited place. The team who defeat all other players wins. Victory or death!

There are many arenas in World of Warcraft: Nagrand Arena, Blade's Edge Arena, Dalaran Arena, Ruins of Lordaeron, Shado-Pan Showdown, Black Rook Hold Arena, Ashamane's Fall, Mugambala, The Tiger's Peak, Kul Tiras Arena, Tol'viron Arena and Hook Point.

There are two brackets available in BfA:  2 players versus 2 players or 3 players versus 3 players. This adds complexity to the matches because only your united efforts can help you win. When you win the match you achieve special rating. You get various rewards for achieving special scores. The higher your score – the better and more prestigious rewards will await you!


  • 1500 rating, Title  Combatant – 370 ilvl for each win, 395 ilvl weekly chest item +  Elite transmog appearance (Wrist and waist )
  • 1600 rating, Title Challenger – 380 ilvl for each win, 400 ilvl weekly chest  item + Elite appearance (Hands, legs, feet)
  • 1800 rating, Title Rival – 395 ilvl for each win, 405 ilvl weekly chest  item + Full Elite set appearance
  • 2100 rating, Title Duelist – 400 item for each win. 410 ilvl weekly chest item + Cloak transmogrification
  • 2400 rating, Title Gladiator - 405 item for each win. 415 ilvl weekly chest item + faction tabard + mount Sinister Gladiator's Proto-Drake


We offer all WoW arena boost services:


  • Rated 3v3 games with a guaranteed rating
  • Rated 2v2 hourly coaching
  • Rated 3v3 hourly coaching


We recommend buying hourly coaching services for people who are new to the arena and want to test their skills or learn something new. Also, this service is perfect for people who want to play hourly with the best PvP players.


Other rewards for the rated arena:



You can buy other Vicious Saddle mounts from previous seasons for special currency – Vicious Saddle. You get 1 Saddle for winning another 100 arena games above 1500 rating.



All our WoW arena boost services are done by hands and real people and only with selfplay mode option. You participate in matches and play with real people. Blizzard is watching their PvP leaderboards carefully so acc play arena may be dangerous for your account because of disqualifications at the end of each season.

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