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You've heard about Gladiators and maybe you've even seen them in-game. The gear they have, the title, the prestige and the skills needed to achieve such things may seem unreachable at times. Well, thanks to Boosthive, the Arena rating boost is almost easier than finding the main menu in the game. Whatever your PvP brain desires, we got it covered. You can order 2v2 and 3v3 coaching, buy arena rating, and get to play with our team of experts.

Most players, once they learn about WoW Arena carry, wonder what it really stands for. In short, it means you can now buy such a service, here on Boosthive, in order to achieve two things. One, you get to play with high ranking players, experts really, who will pass their vast PvP knowledge along your way. Two, you get to boost your WoW Arena rating as high as you want to. Let's explain why many players decide to do so.


For as long as Arena existed, it offered some of the most powerful gear in the game. Sure, sometimes it wasn't the most powerful, but it was always up there with other top ones. Sometimes it was the sheer looks of certain parts that made it alluring. Not everything is about the gear, however, but the prestige that the Arena rating brought with it. The Achievements and the Titles, coupled with amazing gear, are more than enough for others to stop and admire. Those are the main reasons why so many players turn to Boosthive and buy Arena carry for WoW.


Here are the lists of Titles Achievements you can get by getting a specific amount of Arena rating:


We have yet to mention how much time grinding the Arena ranking can take. For many, especially players fairly new to PvP, it can take weeks, or even months to get where they wanted to. Even if you win more than you lose, usually the rating goes rather slowly upwards. With us and our team of high-rank players, it takes significantly less amount of time and, more importantly, you have fun doing so. World of Warcraft Arena boost is meant for any and every player, no matter the skill.


You can also buy various different PvP mounts. For example, after winning 100 games in Arena, you get 1 Vicious Saddle, with which you can buy 1 mount.


For any additional 100 wins, you get another one, thus being able to buy another mount of your choice. Some of them are:



In short, here's a list of what we're offering with our WoW Arena carry services:

  • Arena 2v2 coaching, hourly fees
  • Arena 3v3 coaching, hourly fees
  • Arena rating boost, 3v3, guaranteed rating

Hourly fees are preferred and recommended, especially for players new to PvP. That way, we get to see what you have to offer and vice versa, and you get to decide whether this is something you want to continue and for how long.


To summarize, whether the problem is time or skill, having no one to play with (to get to the desired rating), or simply not really interested in it, but you still want the item for the looks, WoW Arena carries are becoming more and more popular. And with good reason. No more will the common problems continue being an obstacle, but a mere bump on the road that can easily be passed, without an incident.


So, if you want to learn, get better, evaluate your self-play, and boost your arena rating, contact us and see the Arena with a newfound joy and confidence.




All Wow Arena boost services are done manually, by real people.

We do NOT use any 3rd party program.

You WILL be playing your own character, with us, in the same group.

Blizzard is monitoring all PvP activities with extra vigilance, therefore we are against taking any risk by playing for you.

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