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Vicious Sabertooth

Vicious Sabertooth

Vicious Sabertooth boost is the easiest and fastest way to obtain this mount from the first PvP season of Dragonflight. In order to get this PvP mount in patch 10.0 players have to win a whopping one hundred 3v3 arena matches or 40 rated battlegrounds. Daunting task on its own, but not a challenge whatsoever with our professional PvP teams.

WoW Vicious Sabertooth boost includes:

  1. Epic Vicious Sabertooth mount.
  2. ~78 rated arena games won in 3v3.
  3. Tons of conquest and arena points.
  4. PvP reward from the great vault.

Boost takes: ~4-7 days.

Important: We obtain Vicious Sabertooth on a lower rating for the sake of service completion speed. If you want to get to 1800 after the mount is obtained you can select it as an additional option before the purchase.

We offer Vicious Sabertooth for sale to any player who wants an easy way to get this glorious PvP mount. However, please make sure to take a look at the basic requirements before the purchase.


  • character level 70;
  • 405+ pvp ilvl with 2 PvP trinkets;
  • Dragonflight expansion purchased;
  • active World of Warcraft subscription.

WoW Vicious Sabertooth for Sale

Vicious Sabertooth really does live up to its name! Looking more brutal than most other PvP mounts it will be an amazing addition to every mount collector, or any player in general. Horns of heated metal and cool-looking armor make it really unique and exciting. To top it all, it also has unique animations that make it stand out from the crowd. Awesome, right?

These mounts open the lineup of Vicious Mounts in Dragonflight. They are available with the release of the first PvP season of the expansion titled Crimson. No matter which way you decide to use to farm this mount, be it 3v3 arena matches, or grinding rated BGs - this would still take a lot of time and skill. 

It is especially true for players who are new to PvP or dislike participating in it in general. Or there is another, more convenient, and surefire way to get this mount. Simply buy Vicious Sabertooth and our professional teams will take care of everything for you in just a couple of days.

Advantages of getting our Vicious Sabertooth boost:

  • 100% guarantee on the order completion;
  • saving you loads of time;
  • relieving you from the stress that comes with PvP;
  • safe boost done manually by professionals;
  • no 3rd party software or cheats used;
  • customer support is available 24/7 (even on holidays!).

Purchasing Vicious Sabertooth in the first season of Dragonflight is by far the fastest way to add this glorious mount to your collection. If you have any questions regarding the service, don’t hesitate to ask our customer support team! It is always available and ready to assist at all times. Expand your mount collection with Vicious Sabertooth boost today!

Vicious Sabertooth