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Estimated time for boost: 2 days
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Estimated time for boost: 2 days

WoW Solo Shuffle boost service provides an easy solution for those who want to reach highest pvp ranks. Solo Shuffle was added with Dragonflight expansion and became popular among players. It is fast, you don't need a team. Just queue up and wait for a match. Buying WoW Solo Shuffle carry service allows to avoid stress that comes during the matches.

Solo Shuffle is a solo 3v3 queue that heavily relies on pugs. We understand that it might be very stressful for gamers to play in such an environment. That's why we offer Rated Solo Shuffle boosting services for sale. You can now reach high ranks and earn top gear without wasting a lot of time and nerves.

Start time: 15 minutes.
WoW Solo Shuffle boost rewards:
  1. Carry to the selected rating up to 2400 in Solo Shuffle.
  2. Honor & Conquest earned during Solo Shuffle wins.
  3. Seasonal Elite PvP transmog.
  4. Manual boosting without bots, cheats, or win trading.
  5. Safe and secure VPN software will be used for account protection.
  6. Additional option: Supreme Soloist achievement
  7. reward: Soloist title.
  8. Stream is available as an additional option.

Additional options for Solo Shuffle carry:

  • Remote Control - a safe approach for players who want Solo Shuffle boosting but prefer not to disclose their login information. Through dependable software, our team gains remote access to your PC. The game operates on your system, enabling real-time observation of all in-game activities. This method keeps your login credentials confidential, as boosters are restricted to interacting solely with the game's interface. You maintain control by monitoring all actions, ensuring that only approved operations are carried out;
  • Honor (476 ilvl) PvP Gear - we will farm enough honor and purchase a full PvP set of honor gear for you during the service;
  • Conquest (489 ilvl) PvP Gear - we will obtain enough conquest to purchase a full PvP set of 528 PvP ilvl from the vendor during the service;
  • Soloist Title - we will earn Supreme Soloist achievement during Solo Shuffle rating boost. It grants Soloist title for your character;
  • Stream - watch the whole boosting process live on a personal livestream.

You can buy all Solo Shuffle achievements by clicking an additional option - Supreme Soloist. However, in order to get this service done one will have to stick to some basic requirements.

  • 70 level;
  • 515+ ilvl PvP gear + 2 PvP trinkets (rating higher than 1800 requires conquest gear and 25% versatility);
  • this service is piloted only.

Solo Shuffle Carry - Remote Control

  1. Privacy & Security: Share no account information. Your login details stay secure and confidential.
  2. Live Monitoring: Observe and gain insights as our booster engages with your account in real-time.
  3. Internet Stability: A robust internet connection is essential. Weak links may cause interruptions or hinder the service, particularly for complex gaming sessions.
  4. Computer Usage: You will provide access to your computer through specific software and should avoid using your PC while the boosting is in progress. Presence: It's recommended to be readily accessible during the boosting to promptly address any unexpected disconnections. This is especially crucial for longer sessions.
  5. Initiation Delay: The setup for this service might take more time compared to Self/Piloted options due to its nature.
  6. System Specifications: This remote service is designed for high-performing computers to deliver a smooth experience. Outdated systems might experience delays, interruptions, or other technical issues.

What is Solo Shuffle in WoW?

Solo Shuffle is a solo 3v3 queue for arena games. A group of six players (2 healers/tanks & 4 DPS) are placed in a random arena. They will play six matches in all possible combinations (healers are ALWAYS in the opposing teams). Players who individually win most of the games - get more rating and others - lose.

While it sounds fun and entertaining at glance, it can quickly become a headache for those trying to boost their solo shuffle rating. Well, not with our professional PvP R1 gladiators! Our players have the highest win rates in Solo Shuffles and can really often win 2v3 with ease.

How does Solo Shuffle boosting work?

Solo Shuffle is available anytime in WoW. You can queue up for it in your PvP tab. Rated Solo Shuffle, however, can only be entered during the ongoing seasons in Dragonflight. You will also need a minimum required PvP item level to queue. So reaching 515 PvP ilvl will be the first step to get this service.

In case you struggle to farm enough honor for PvP equipment, we offer an additional option for you. Please note, farming PvP gear takes time and it will increase the whole duration of the service for 3-4 more days.

After the character gets 515 PvP ilvl, we're ready to start the service. Our managers will contact you right after the purchase to set up all the details and prepare your account for the boost. We never ask your secret question, so the account will be protected from theft. That's it! In case you have the stream option, we will provide you the link (on request) when the WoW Solo Shuffle boosting starts, so you can watch your character in the matches and perhaps learn some tricks from the carry team.