WoW Shadowlands Achievements

With the release of the new Expansion, World of Warcraft heroes will have thousands of achievement points to obtain. Buying the Shadowlands achievements will always be the fastest and most reliable way to earn them. Some of the newest achievements are so hard that it will take the whole raid several hours to complete them. However, be rest assured, we can provide boosting service for any Shadowlands achievement of your choice.

Complete Shadowlands Achievement Guide

The newly added achievements are the key to understanding the Shadowlands. Therefore we have datamined and explored the most important achievements of the Shadowlands to create a brief guide. You are free to follow this guide to boost your achievement score in Shadowlands. If you will struggle with any of them you are always welcome to chat with our support team and they will find an SL achievement carry the team to help you out!

Shadowlands quest achievements

The key ingredient of any World of Warcraft expansion is the leveling process. Players can select whether they want to grind the mobs, clear dungeon after dungeon, or simply follow the interesting lore-inspired storyline by doing the quests. Each zone has numerous quest chains and therefore multiple Shadowlands quest achievements to boost your total point score.

Loremaster of Shadowlands

Loremaster of Shadowlands - is the biggest quest-oriented achievement of the Shadowlands expansion. It unites the total of 5 questing zones achievements and additionally 4 Sojourner achievements awarded for completion of the sidequest in the respective region.

This ultimate shadowlands quest achieve consists of the smaller zone-related questing accomplishments:

However, completion of the major storylines will not get you the meta-achievement, to get it all the zone quest will have to be completed. Tracking will be simple as even the side quest has respective achievements linked to them. 

After completing all quests of Shadowlands you will get the precious Loremaster of Shadowlands achieve. Our boosting team has already got it and ready to help you with that! Don’t forget that Loremaster achievement is required for the Shadowlands Pathfinder Part 1 and Part 2 meta achievements. Therefore you will need to get it to unlock flying in Shadowlands.

Although there is no major need to complete it, there is another questing achievement that stands alone. Players get it for completing the introductory questline at the very beginning of Shadowlands while being carried Into the Maw.

The Shadowlands covenant campaign

The brand new addition to WoW is the Covenant system. Upon completion of your shadowlands journey, you will have to swear loyalty to one of 4 covenants and stick with them for the entire expansion. They give you lots of cool perks, reputation rewards, mounts, and of course more shadowlands achievements to boost! Although you can only select one alignment you can complete all house’s campaigns to earn the Covenant Campaign meta-achievement.

World quests in Shadowlands

The other great sources for Shadowlands achievement points are the updated world quests. The completion of a 100 different world quest will grant you The World Beyond achievement. This tiny challenge has a greater purpose. It will eventually allow you to get into the skies of Shadowlands, therefore don’t miss out on that.

Apart from the main Shadowlands world quest achievement, there are some interesting smaller feats you can accomplish while completing your favorite daily tasks. For example to boost your shadowlands achievement score you can opt to complete the Tea Tales or Flight School Graduate.

The latter is the original mini-game similar to the all-time favorite Flappy Bird! There are several more new mini-games added in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands and each of them has its own achievements. If you struggle to complete them don’t forget that our achievement carry teams that may assist you at any time.

Exploration of Shadowlands achievements

Exploration is yet another big chunk of shadowlands achievements that boosts your prestige and score fairly easy. Those are the most straightforward types of tasks that can’t be missed while they are later required for the Pathmaster challenge. Just visit all the zones of Shadowlands to complete the following feats:

While traveling through the zones of Shadowlands don’t miss out on an opportunity to complete adventurer achievements in each of them, eg. Adventurer of Bastion, and collect all the treasures to get some more achievements like Treasures of Revendreth. These are also important because they will later be required to use your flying mount in SL.

After having completed all the above-mentioned exploration achievements you would receive one of the biggest meta-achievements of each expansion - Shadowlands Voyager. Although it is time-consuming, it is still one of the most essential shadowlands achievements to receive.

Some honorable mentions in the exploration achievements section would be It’s In The Mix, granting you a cool Smelly Jelly toy and The Accuser’s Avowed with a unique title reward: Cryptkeeper. And of course, the fly-unlock achieves the shadowlands pathfinder in 2 parts, that you can always get here at Boosthive. 

PvP Achievements in Shadowlands

To boost your PvP achievements in Shadowlands you will need some good skills and great teammates. This tab has not been reworked much therefore the key achievements remained similar to what they have been in the previous expansions. Apart from the seasonal achievements such as the arena and RBG ranking only Forged through Conquest: Shadowlands Season 1 achievement has been added to the PvP tab.

Shadowlands Raid & Dungeon Achievements

The most stable part of every World of Warcraft content expansion. A variety of new achievements have been added to every dungeon and the first 10-ppl Castle Nathria raid. Therefore the following achievements are the good way to boost your score through the PvE content:

All the above-mentioned achievements require a group or even a raid-group of 20 people to be accomplished. We can provide you with our skilled teams to boost your way through all those shadowlands PvE achievements and get cool rewards such as the Rampart Screecher mount.

Shadowlands Professions

There is not much to say about the professional achievements of the new expansion. They are the hardest and most time-consuming to get and do not reward you with anything but achievement points. Although professions will be useful to craft and modify new shadowlands legendary items there is no challenging part in it. The main 3 achievements added to this section is:

The last two of them are given for leveling the cooking and fishing secondary professions.

Reputation achievements

Reputation achievements have been greatly reduced in Shadowlands. There are only 4 main factions that you can level up a reputation with. Therefore they all fit perfectly in a single Shadowlands Diplomat achievement that can be bought here.

Shadowlands Diplomat - is a meta-achievement that requires the plate to level up the reputation with The Ascended, Court of Harvesters. The undying Army and the Wild Hunt to the Revered level. Is it the only reputational meta-achievement of shadowlands. Reputation will no longer be needed for completing the Shadowlands Pathfinder achievement. 

An additional faction of Ve’nari based at the depths of the Maw also got its own achievement and the possible FoS called Better to be Envied

Torghast tower achievements

The Torghast, Tower of the Damned achievements are all related to the newly added Shadowlands challenge dungeon. They are granted as the reward for the completion of various parts of the dungeons or acquisition of some rare items and currencies. Additional Torghasat towers achievement is linked with the acquisition of the new Legendary items which are forged by the use of the Toghrast Runecarver crafting system.  The key Shadowlands specific expansion achievements are:

The creation of your first legendary piece of equipment with the Runecarver will award you with the Legendary Accord achievement. This is a part of the new runecarving system that linked to Torghas tower.

The Shadowlands Torghast tower achievements can be acquired together with the Toghrast, Tower of The Damned boost provided by our store. Just visit the product page and speak to one of our managers to select additional options and get the achievement carry run of your dreams.

Shadowlands Covenant Sanctums Achievements

Covenant Sanctums is a new addition to the high-level character development systems. It offers a choice of one out of four main sub-factions that will influence the gameplay of the character at the maximum level. They will grant additional abilities, armor, unique quests, and achievements.

The key achievements of the shadowlands covenant systems are linked with the main story campaign. They particularly represent the progression of your character towards the full alignment with the selected covenant.

  1. Choosing your purpose - the initial stage of your allegiance to the Covenant;
  2. The road to renown - start earning the trust of your Covenant and reach Renown level 10;
  3. Gaining Respect - continue your Covenant campaign to reach Renown level 20;
  4. Becoming a Hero - earn a Hero title at the COvenant of your choice at the Renown level 30;
  5. Champion of the Covenant  - become the champion at Renown level 40.

The other major part of the Shadowlands Covenant achievements is carried by the features of the covenants that have to be developed, researched, and upgraded. You will receive achievements like Conducting Anima for unlocking some of these features.

The Restoration Expert achievement is granted for upgrading all Covenant Sanctum features on one particular character. It represents the full completion of your Covenant journey.

Buying the Shadowlands achievement boost

Shadowlands brings lots of new achievements into the system, therefore multiplying the time you will require to complete them all. While some of the new SL achievements are fairly easy to get, others will require concentration, skill, and a good team of players. If you lack one of these features it would be very difficult to get the achievement and the cool rewards they bring with them. To avoid such a situation it is always better to get Shadowland achievement carry service and get all of them in the shortest time possible.

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