Bracelet of Salaranga - Breaking the Chains Achievement

Bracelet of Salaranga - Breaking the Chains Achievement

Bracelet of Salaranga Mount is one of the new hand mounts added in World of Warcraft SHadowlands patch 9.1. It is an epic ground mount with a cool-looking unique model. However to get the Hand of Salaranga into your collection will require some time and lots of effort, as it is rewarded for completion of the full Breaking the Chains meta-achievement.

Buying the Bracelet of Salaranga mount boost will save you numerous hours of farming and allow you to complete effortlessly most of the new boring Korthia content. Additionally, this boosting service will unblock flying in Shadowlands for your character.

Bracelet of Salaranga mount carry includes the following rewards.

  1. Breaking the Chains meta-achievement with 135 points.
  2. New mount - Bracelet of Salaranga.
  3. Flying in Shadowlands unlocked.
  4. Chains of Domination campaign finished.
  5. Korthia explored.
  6. Exalted with Death's Advance and the Archivist's Codex.
  7. Lots of Stygia, Soul Cinders, and Cataloged Research.

Boost ETA: 2-3 months.

This meta-achievement requires the ultimate 9.1 solo-content completion. With our Breaking the Chains boost you will unlock all possible rewards from the updated Maw and new Korthia zones.

Here are some requirements that need to be taken into consideration before purchasing Hand of Salaranga farming service.

If you have already completed part of the achievement, feel free to contact us in the online chat and we will be happy to make the boost faster and cheaper for you.


  • WoW Shadowlands account;
  • 60 lvl character;
  • 40 level renown;
  • Maw unlocked.

Breaking the Chains Achievement Boost

The new Shadowlands patch brings new content and most of it will be concentrated in the upgraded Maw zone and Korthia. New factions will offer their services in saving the world and you as a brave hero will have to spend hours of your playing time farming for special artifacts, searching for unique treasures, and grinding lots of elite mobs in order to fight armies of the Jailer.

Breaking the Chains is the key achievement of patch 9.1. It includes all possible content in the Maw and Korthia zones and demands the full completion of it in order to get the final reward. Our Breaking the Chains carry includes some awesome perks, that will not only save you lots of gaming time but help to achieve everything your character needs without lifting a finger.

Buying the Hand of Salaranga Mount

The Bracelet of Salaranga is the item that allows you to ride the beautiful epic ground mount - Hand of Salaranga. It is one of the new hand mounts with a red color tint. It would take quite some time to get it therefore we are offering you to buy it together with the Breaking the Chains achievement boost that we have for sale.

Bracelet of Salaranga - Breaking the Chains Achievement