Back from Beyond - Zovaal's Soul Eater

Back from Beyond - Zovaal's Soul Eater

Back from the Beyond is a new meta-achievement that replaces older ones of the same name. Now instead of granting a title as a reward, Back from the Beyond awards players with Zovaal's Shadebeast Collar – Zovaal's Soul Eater mount! The achievement requires you to complete pretty much everything that Shadowlands has to offer, including finishing all 3 Shadowlands raids, completing all of the quests, maxing out all the renown, and a lot more. There’s a ton of stuff!

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  • level 70;
  • some parts of this service are piloted only.

Back from the Beyond Achievements List

Back from the Beyond focuses on the completion of Shadowlands activities – from raids to reputations and open-world content. Only players who managed to completely conquer Shadowlands will receive this mount. Just to give you an idea of how much time it might take from scratch, here is a full list of what you need to achieve.

Back from the Beyond achievement requires:

  1. Castle Nathria.
  2. Dead Men Tell Some Tales.
  3. From A to Zereth.
  4. Myths of the Shadowlands Dungeons.
  5. Re-Re-Re-Renowned.
  6. Sanctum of Domination.
  7. Sepulcher of the First Ones.
  8. Tower Ranger.
  9. Chains of Domination.
  10. Fake It 'Til You Make It.
  11. Many, Many Things.
  12. On the Offensive.
  13. Sanctum Superior.
  14. Secrets of the First Ones.
  15. Shadowlands Dilettante.
  16. Walking in Maw-mphis.

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Back from Beyond - Zovaal's Soul Eater