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Apex carry is easily the fastest and most convenient way to achieve any of the in-game goals that players might have. It takes a lot of skill, patience, and time in order to get most of the things done in this game, and not many players might have it. We offer a solution to this problem for people who might struggle with getting it done personally. Our Apex Legends boost helps with saving time and effort in completing the challenges that the game has to offer.

Professional Apex Legends Carry

By using our Apex boosts you receive a high-quality carry that will help you with any aspect of the game. Fast, efficient, and safe - this is what makes us one of the best apex boosting service providers. Everything is achieved via the professionalism of players on our team and not some cheap tricks like cheating software or bots. Boosting in Apex legends is convenient and reliable.

What makes Boosthive’s Apex carries so good?

  1. Over 7 years of experience with Apex Legends boosting.
  2. Our services are performed by real professional players, and not bots or 3rd party software.
  3. A wide variety of different services are available for sale.
  4. 24/7 customer support that is ready to help and answer any questions at any time.
  5. Easy to use and secure payment methods.

As you can see there is a lot to like about our Apex Legends boosting services. Each carry is done professionally and with high-quality control during the whole process. It is possible to request a completion status of the order to always have the information about your Apex boost. If there are any additional questions or requests, our customer support team is always glad to help at all times. With them working 24/7 you don’t have to worry about not receiving an answer or help, even if it’s the middle of the night.

Advantages of Apex Legends Boosts

In order to achieve some of the in-game goals that Apex Legends has, players need to have a substantial amount of skill in aiming, movement, and tactical thinking. Getting to a high level in all 3 of them requires a significant amount of time, not to mention the ever-growing competition. More and more people are joining the game and starting to play at a skill level that is almost impossible to achieve without sinking hundreds of hours into the game. Our Apex carry service is here to help. Our professional players will undertake to achieve the most difficult challenges in the game, and all you have to do is reap the rewards!

Experienced Apex Legends Boosters

With our experienced team, clear communication with customers, and fair price you can always be sure that by picking our Apex account boosting you receive the highest quality service there is. Our team consists of only the most experienced players, professionals that have achieved the rank of Apex Predator multiple times, getting in top 30 of the worldwide ranking. They are always able to carry you through any ranked game without a sweat, even if you are choosing the selfplay option for the boost.

All of this is done quickly and efficiently. In addition, you can always ask us to provide a live stream of the order completion. You will be able to see the skill of our teams first-hand, and be rest assured that everything is going smoothly. On top of it all, you can even learn some tricks by watching the team play on a high-level. Boosting in Apex Legends is always advantageous with our carry services.

Types of Apex Legends Boosts

We provide various different Apex Legends carry services here at Boosthive. Let’s take a quick look at their types and advantages.

Type of Apex Boost

Service description

Badges acquisition

Apex features a system called “Badges”. Those are basically achievements that can be shown off to other people.

Improving the rank in Battle Royale mode

If you are tired to play with low-rank players and want to compete on a higher level, this service is for you

Improving the rank in Arena mode

Arena matches are the most action-packed place in the game. The higher the arena rating is, the more challenging the fights will become. We can skip the tedium of climbing the ladder for you!

Performing placement matches in Arena mode

Placement matches are performed before acquiring a rank. The better a player performs, the better starting rank they would get. This service is for people who want to have a head start over everyone else when it comes to starting a ranking climb.

Improving K/D ratio

This service is best suited for people who want their profile to look nice and professional. A high K/D ratio is always looked up to by every other player.

Getting wins

If all you need is to achieve a couple of wins, we’ve got you covered!

Completing challenges

The game has a challenges system where it provides players with tasks to complete to receive certain rewards. We can do it for you, so there is no need to waste time on them.

Unlocking legends

Unlocking legends involves a long and mind-numbingly tedious grind. Nobody wants to deal with that and that’s why we offer a service that helps to eliminate this issue.

Leveling up the account

Each level players receive a reward, be it a cosmetic, an apex pack, or something else. The issue is that it takes a long time to level up and not everyone can proceed with this huge time investment.

If there are any services that are not listed on the website, just contact our customer support and they will help with any questions that you might have. They can even create a custom service for you!

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