Shadowlands Flying Unlock

Shadowlands Flying

Buying the WoW Shadowlands Flying can save you a lot of time and unnecessary grinding.  Shadowlands flying access will be granted to players in Patch 9.1 - Chains of Domination, upon completion of the initials part of the Covenant Campaign. Additionally Covenant Renown will have to be farmed to unlock account-wide flying for your characters.

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Shadowlands flying boost includes:

  1. Account-wide flying in Shadowlands unlocked via Memories of Sunless Skies.
  2. One of the covenant-themed flying mounts:
  3. Renown 45 level with conduit upgrades and various covenant cosmetics;
  4. 4/9 Chapters in Chains of Domination completed;
  5. the fate of the Primus revealed;
  6. 100 Soul Cinders currency.

The Shadowlands flying access is divided into 2 achievements:

  • getting Renown level 40 before Patch 9.1 hits live;
  • completing Chains of Domination storyline, unlocking Korthia, and getting Renown 44 in 9.1. 

Flying in Shadowlands unlock takes -3-4 days depending on your current progress.

The Memories of Sunless Skies is an item that unlocks flying for every character on one WoW account. To get it players will have to explore every zone of the Shadowlands world. The beautiful landscapes of Bastion. Magical forests of Ardenweals and plague-infested regions of Maldraxxus. The vampire-themed lands of Revendreth. 

Please note: you cannot fly in the Maw and the capital of Oribos.


  • 60 level character;
  • 40 Renown with your Covenant (please pick a specific option if your renown is lower);
  • covenant campaign completed.

How to unlock flying in Shadowlands?

Hurry up: you can start working on your flying even before the Patch 9.1 release!

If you are struggling to understand when the flying in SHadowlands will become available, we are here to give you an exact and clear reply! Patch 9.1 will allow players to get flying access and finally grab that treasure from the mushroom in Maldraxxus!

You can get the Shadowlands Flying carry that we offer for sale here or spend some extra playing time to unlock it yourself, by following our short guide!

How to learn flying in Shadowlands?

  1. Get your renown leveled to 40 and complete your Covenant Campaign.
  2. After the release of Patch 9.1 start a new Campaign in Oribos (Bolvar gives you the first quest).
  3. Unlock Korthia and complete 3/9 chapters in Chains of Domination story.
  4. Wait one week to get your renown to 44 lvl and start the 4th Chapter.
  5. Learn more about the fate of the Primus and get your flying and covenant mount.
  6. Enjoy the Shadowlands zones from the sky!

Although it seems pretty straightforward, making your characters fly in Shadowlands can become a burden and take weeks to complete. Daily quest, weekly covenant Renown grind, and zone exploration can drive your initiative down very fast. That is why we are here and offer you a fast and easy way to start flying in Shadowlands!

With our professiona flying boost, you should not worry about how does flying work in Shadowlands or how to unlock it! Simply purchase the carry service, let our boosters complete the necessary requirements, hop on your favorite flying mount, and rise in the beautiful skies of the Shadowlands!

Shadowlands Flying