Covenant Renown Level boost

Covenant Renown Level
Estimated time for boost: 3 days
Estimated time for boost: 3 days

With the new Covenant system introduced in Shadowlands, players are obliged to develop their allegiance to the selected faction. Kyrian, Venthyr, Night Fae or Necrolords Renown boost is here to help them do that. Farming out the weekly cap of covenant renown is a must for every player.

Leveling the renown to level 80 in Shadowlands may take anywhere from 15-17 weeks of the weekly grind. Buying the Covenant renown boost will make the process easier and less tedious.

WoW covenant renown level farm includes:

  • farm of 1-80 Renown levels of the chosen covenants;
  • covenants buffs and perks such as Deepening Bond;
  • soulbinds unlock and upgrades;
  • shadowlands flying for 44 renown;
  • covenant-themed flying mount on 45 renown;
  • world quest item level increase at Renown level 30, 61 and 75;
  • covenant armor set transmogrification;
  • covenants epic mounts such as Eternal Phalynx of Purity;
  • maw zone perks and new legendary recipes;
  • toys and other cosmetics such as Kyrian Hearthstone.

Boost takes: ~7-10 days (depends on the chosen renown level).

Covenants grant players new abilities and other rewards depending on the current Renown level. Therefore the higher you get it boosted the better rewards you will get.

However to get the fastest and the most efficient covenant renown farming one will have to satisfy the following basic requirements.


  • 60 level character;
  • Selected Covenant;

What is Covenant Renown?

The Covenant Renown system is the new way to power up your character in Shadowlands. It grants you some basic perks in the beginning and continuously upgrades it towards the Renown Level 80. The covenant selected does not have any effect on the main buffs of the Renown system. The only difference will be in cosmetics, transmogrification, and collectibles.

How it works

The Renown itself is something in between reputation and a currency. With every single Renown farmed you will become more connected and reputed with the selected Covenant. Apart from the lesser effects Renown has the following awesome perks for the overall character boost:

  • unlocking and upgrading of Soulbinds (essential for character power);
  • Deepening Bond buff to increase stamina by a percentage;
  • covenant companions;
  • wisps of memory to boost adventurer for a large amount of experience;
  • unrated PvP and World quest gear ilvl increase.

Therefore Renown farm carry will allow you to straighten your character and get some neat rewards and collectibles.

Boost Covenant Renown farming speed

Being partly a new Shadowlands currency Renown is being awarded for various weekly quests, campaigns, and events throughout the expansion. Players will get to Renown Level 21 by simply completing the lengthy covenant campaign and getting 1 renown per chapter. 

There are two weekly quests that grant renown as a reward, which has to be completed not to miss out on progression.

  1. Shaping Fate
  2. Replenish the Reservoir

The fastest way to level Renown

Buying the Renown carry service from Boosthive will make it possible for you to have some free time from grinding in Shadowlands. While doing a lengthy Covenant campaign is still bearable the weekly Maw quests are boring and almost impossible to make with crowds of people doing them.

That is why Boosthive offers you a fast and efficient Renown boost to level up this new system and get your character as strong as it possibly can be in Shadowlands.