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PvP Gear

Want to win PvP encounters, but aren't geared enough to get started? Our WoW PvP gear boost is exactly what you’re looking for. Grinding BGs and arenas for hours on end is tedious, and this is exactly why we can do it for you.

Buy PvP gear in WoW and forget about having to catch up with other players. We offer both 515 and 528 PvP ilvl gear for sale, so you can stay on top of the competition at all times. We’ll handle the tedious farm, while you can enjoy PvP battles to their fullest without having to grind.

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: 1 day (honor gear), ~4-5 days (conquest gear).
WoW PvP gear boosting options are:
  1. Honor gear set
    • 515 PvP ilvl.
  2. Conquest gear set
    • 528 PvP ilvl.
  3. Some honorable kills.
  4. Chance to get some Marks of Honor.
  5. Seasonal PvP mount (additional option).

Important: Please keep in mind that PvE and PvP item levels are separate. PvP gear will have lower regular ilvl. This service is only available as a piloted option. Please take a look at some basic requirements for this service.

  • level 70.

WoW PvP gear prices will vary depending on chosen item level option.

WoW PvP Gear for Sale

If you were wondering where to buy WoW PvP gear, then you have come to the right place. Buying PvP gear boost is the fastest and easiest way to ensure that your character is up-to-date when it comes to player-vs-player battles. Be it RBGs or arena, it is always important to make sure that your gear is up to the task.

PvP combat is an integral part of the game, but it might be a challenge to dive into it, especially later on in the season, when everyone has acquired powerful gear. Playing catch-up with other players, or losing battles not because of the skill, but lack of gear can be very discouraging. This is the reason why buying PvP gear in WoW is often the easiest solution to this problem.

Our professional teams of players will get you desired PvP gear in the shortest time. Forget about losing games to better geared players, and having to grind various currencies. We’ll take care of the boring and monotonous stuff for you, while you can just enjoy the game. PvP gear boosting in WoW is the best way to ensure quick and painless progress through both RBGs and arena leaderboards.

How to Upgrade PvP Gear in Dragonflight

One of the biggest changes at the start of this expansion was the removal of PvP ilvl upgrades from the game. Now, when you upgrade an item, only its base item level gets improved, while PvP ilvl stays the same.

Another question many players might have is to where to buy WoW PvP gear in the game. All of the PvP vendors can be found in Valdrakken, on the Dragon Isles. Here is a handy chart that will help you finding them all.

Type of PvP gear vendor

PvP vendor and location

Honor Quartermaster

Seltherex at 44.6, 37.0

Conquest Quartermaster

Calderax at 44.6, 36.8

Item Upgrader

Corxian at 45.6, 38,6

If you have some questions about the service, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our customer support is available 24/7 and is always ready to help. You can reach us via Skype, Discord, or live chat, right here on the website!

PvP Gear