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Gladiator Title Boost

The Gladiator is the most prestigious and honorable PvP Title in WoW. It is awarded for winning 50 games in the elite 3v3 bracket at a rating higher than 2400+. Our Dragonflight Season 1 Gladiator boost allows you to buy the Gladiator title and gear up your character in 424 pvp item level while getting the unique epic PvP set appearance.

Boost ETA: ~1-2 weeks. Start in 1-2 months after season release.

With your purchase, you are guaranteed to have the ranking at the top positions on the ladder by the end of the current PvP season and therefore be rewarded with a unique and permanent title.

Gladiator carry Includes the following rewards.

  1. The Gladiator - Top-rated PvP title in WoW with 2400+ arena rating.
  2. 50+ wins at a 2400 arena rating.
  3. Seasonal Gladiator Mount - Crimson Gladiator's Drake
  4. Elite PvP gear unlocked.
  5. Three's Company: 2400 achievement.

The Gladiator arena boost is also available in self-play mode. In such a case you will be playing your character with a multi-glad team of professional PvP players. They will guide and coach you during the whole boosting process. Ask our managers to buy the Gladiator title with this option and they will provide you with more info.


  • 70 level character;
  • 420 pvp gear and 30%+ versatility;
  • 1 test hour with our team is required;
  • dps spec.

Everyone who has tried PvP wants to have the WoW arena Gladiator title to show his masterful skills and achievements to others. People with this title stand out from the crowd of other PvP players! They ride their elite Gladiator mounts, which have recently made account-wide, and enjoy their glory! Today you have an opportunity to become one of them! Buy WoW Gladiator title carry with Boosthive and let us take care of the rest!

WoW Gladiator Boost Explained

Our top PvP teams are ready to provide a Gladiator Title boost for all players who are willing to reach top ranks in the ladder. Boosthive strongly recommends going with the self-play option as it reduces to zero all the risks of being caught and losing the title.

WoW Glad boost is not a joke and requires some PVP knowledge from the customer as well. It is not possible to get it without your full contribution on the arena. For your comfort, we've developed an option for 1 test hour with our team before you buy Gladiator WoW. You need to purchase this hour to see how you and our pvp players perform together and see if reaching Gladiator is possible or not.

After you purchase 1-hour test, you can exclude it from the final Gladiator price. Please note, that if for some reason we won't be able to reach Gladiator with you, you will get a refund only for the incompleted part of your order.

Gladiator Title