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Arena 3v3 Hourly Coaching

Buying 3v3 arena coaching carry will get you the desired PvP standing and skill by farming wins together with an R1 Gladiator player. It is a practical hourly session that will allow you to gain experience and play your character on the desired arena bracket while pawning even the most challenging opponents.

Important to notice that here you can hire a professional PvP (Gladiator) Player for a practical playing session at an hourly rate.

Arena 3v3 Coaching Boost ETA: ~1-3 days. (choose Express for a faster start)

The maximum daily limit of gameplay with Gladiator is 8 hours of practical games.

Arena 3v3 coaching service includes by default:

  • 1-8 hours of 3v3 arena games with Gladiator-ranking team;
  • selfplay games only with the professional 3v3 PvP teammate;
  • 3v3 class coaching if needed with binds, game style, macros, etc;
  • titles, achievements, PvP gear earned during the coaching sessions;
  • Honor and Conquest;
  • a number of 3v3 arena wins.

Before the purchase of the 3v3 practical session please have a look at the basic requirements for this type of PvP carry service.


  • 60 lvl character with any gear;
  • some PvP gear might be needed for high rating orders;
  • optional: discord for communication.

Have a look at the 3v3 coaching service description to have a better idea of how it works, if you will still have questions do not hesitate to contact one of our managers.

Arena 3v3 selfplay coaching description

Play with a gladiator to get the highest skill levels in 3v3 arena as fast as possible. That is what our WoW 3v3 arena boost is offering you. We have the most professional PvP players that are ready to guide you through the world of 3v3 arena while coaching and playing alongside you.

Buying the 3v3 carry in WoW arena have the following advantages:

  • you can get as much PvP practice time as you want while winning matches;
  • your account will always be secured while all 3v3 arena carry is done selfplay;
  • you will Learn WoW 3v3 PvP by actually doing it;
  • you will play along with the professional PvPer;
  • you get tons of Honor and Conquest;
  • you might complete the weekly amount of wins;
  • get high item level gear from the weekly PvP cache.

All our 3v3 PvP arena carry orders can be customized to your needs. Whether you want to boost your 3v3 skill fast or just need a couple of wins to keep your PvP ladder standing we can definitely do that for you. All you need to do is contact our manager and he will create a custom 3v3 arena boost especially for you.

Additionally, you might select some core options for our 3v3 PvP carry service.

Arena 3v3 coaching options

We offer mainly practical playing sessions with a pro PvP player as our 3v3 arena boosting, however, you might opt for something different. Here are some of the most desirable options for our clients.

  1. Hire a professional PvPer to play alongside you in 3v3 arena battles (pay per hour).
  2. Choose the coaching class master who will not only help you play but guide you in the 3v3 arena.
  3. Select the number of wins you require to do and get them won by our Gladiator.

All three options are self-play and will get your 3v3 skillset boosted by a Gladiator. However, if you want something even more specific, please do talk to our support managers and we will find the offer suitable for you.

Arena Coaching 3v3