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Arena Coaching 3v3

Arena 3v3  Coaching carry is the best and easy way to play rated arena games with our professional team of R1 Gladiators. This option is ideal for you if you just start playing World of Warcraft and want to learn new things in PvP or you are already a professional PvP player. YOU choose what is best for you: either we will help you upgrade your skill in PvP or you just play hourly with our PvP players and achieve high ranks on arena.

Default Arena 3v3  Coaching boost includes:

  • 1 hour with our professional PvP team
  • Selfplay mode
  • Honor for playing PvP
  • Chance for 370-385 items (depends on your current rating)

Additional options of Arena 3v3  Coaching carry:

  • 2 hours, 4 hours: play even more with our PvP team.


  • 120 lvl character with any  gear.
  • Optional: skype/discord  for communication
Arena Coaching 3v3