Glory of the Hero

Glory of the Hero

The Glory of the Hero boost is a run through all 12 WotLK dungeons on a heroic difficulty with the completion of 37 achievements that are required for the main Glory of Hero meta-achievement.

During the completion of your Glory of the Hero boosting service, you will also get a chance to receive 2 additional rare mounts - Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake from Skadi the Ruthless, and Reins of the Bronze Drake from Infinite Corruptor.

WoW Glory of the Hero carry includes:

  1. Glory of the Hero meta–achievement.
  2. Reins of the Red Proto-Drake epic flying mount.
  3. 395 achievement points.
  4. Completion of all heroic WotLK dungeons.

Boost takes:

  • ~4-6 hours (Retail);
  • ~2-7 days (WotLK Classic).

Important: Glory of the Hero boost is available in both the Retail and Classic WotLK versions of the game. Requirements, as well as completion times, differ greatly between both versions, so we advise you to carefully look at the information about the version you need.

Requirements (Retail):

  • level 40+;
  • no specific gear is required;
  • fresh cooldown for WotLK dungeons.

Requirements (WotLK Classic):

  • 80 level;
  • 187+ ilvl gear;
  • fresh cooldown for WotLK dungeons;
  • this service is only available in piloted mode.

A live stream of the boost is available with a prior request before the start. Selfplay players don't need to know any tactics before the run, as our team will provide the necessary instructions on certain achievements along the way.

Reins of the Red Proto-Drake for Sale

If you buy Glory of the Hero achievement boost, one of the main rewards to look for is the Red Proto-Drake epic flying mount. This mount is a nice addition to any collection, be it Classic WotLK or Retail WoW. Glory of the Hero is the very first meta-achievement from the “glory” type, and includes a ton of challenges to tackle. Here is the full list of achievements that will be completed during Glory of the Hero carry.



Utgarde Keep

The Nexus


Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom

Drak'Tharon Keep

The Violet Hold


Halls of Stone

Halls of Lightning

The Culling of Stratholme

Utgarde Pinnacle

The Oculus

As you can see there is a ton to go through, and the fastest and easiest way to do so would be to buy Glory of the Hero meta-achievement boost.

If you have any questions regarding the service or want to add something extra to it, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact us via Discord, Skype, or live chat at any moment, and we are always ready to assist. Expand your achievement and mount collection together with Boosthive.

Glory of the Hero