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Glacial Tidestorm - Jaina Mount

Buy Glacial Tidestorm epic flying mount in World of Warcraft which looks like water elemental and has a super awesome model. Mount drops only on Mythic difficulty from Lady Jaina Proudmoore - last boss in Battle of Dazar'alor NEW 8.1 raid. Mount has a 100% drop chance but only one person in the raid gets it. Our world top guild will do fast kill and you will receive this awesome mount.

Boost takes ~15-20 minutes. (1-2 days to organize a run).

Mount is still available with a 100% drop chance till the end of Battle for Azeroth!

Glacial Tidestorm boost includes:

Feats of Strength achievement Cutting Edge: Lady Jaina Proudmoore is not available anymore.


  • 120 level character;
  • The fresh cooldown for Battle of Dazar'Alor Mythic.

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Glacial Tidestorm