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WoW PvP Titles

There is nothing more prestigious in World of Warcraft than PvP achievements and the rewarded WoW PvP Titles! While PvE encounters may be difficult the are still very much predictable due to the computer being your opponent. In the real PvP battle you opponent in another skillful human being who will do his best to defeat you in the duel. Therefore PvP achievements in WoW have a higher level of complexity. Those achievements, however, allow players to receive unique PvP titles that can demonstrate their excellence in PvP to other players in the game. Each expansion has its own exclusive PvP titles, events, and achievements. Pandaria had bloody coins, BFA PvP titles intertwined with honor levels and who knows what WoW Shadowlands PvP titles would be!

How to get PvP titles in WoW?


There is an achievement system in World of Warcraft that allows players to receive certain rare achievements by completing a set of objectives. That refers also to any kind of PvP Achievement. The most prestigious and hard-to-complete achieves reward players with the exclusive PvP Titles, such as Khan, the Tactician, or Gladiator! Therefore to complete all the necessary achievements and get the PvP titles in any expansion, including the BfA and the upcoming Shadowlands, one should spend a decent amount of time playing all sorts of PvP related activities. Mainly all PvP achievements in WoW can be divided into these categories:

  • WoW Arena Achievements - Performed in 2v2 or 3v3 Arena games.
  • WoW Battlegrounds (BG) or RBG Achievements - Can be completed during the BG & RBG battles.
  • World PvP Achievements - The open-world Horde vs Alliance fights and battles against the enemy factions.
  • Special Events Achievements - Available for a short period of time during some king of WoW Event.
  • Complex Meta-Achievement - Can include cross-category WoW achievements, usually reward a prestigious PvP title.

Each of these categories has some flawless rewards and exquisite PvP Titles, that you can simply buy here at the Boosthive store. Buying a PvP title from our professional boosters can save you an enormous amount of time. Apart from the actual hours required to perform the desired PvP Achievement, you will also need x10 more time to boost your PvP skill to the level essential for it to be done.


Out professional PvP achievements carry team has the needed skills and lots of experience to get you any available PvP title. If you have a special request or want to buy a particular PvP title, you can always chat to one of our managers and they will create a custom order for you.


What WoW PvP Achievements can I buy?


Currently, we offer all sorts of Bfa PvP Titles and Achievement boosts. Our team of professional PvPers is ready to get you to the desired rating! Even if you need a gladiator title, they are well qualified and skill capped to get you to the R1 ladder standing. Here is the full list of categories from which you can select to buy PvP titles and achievements in Bfa:

Best PvP titles and achievements in World of Warcraft


On our website, you may get many valuable ranks that are super hard to earn on your own. For example, you can purchase The Mark of Honor rank, which will grant you mounts, legendary artifacts, PvP gear, and toy-flags as the reward. And this is just the tip of the icebergs of the best WoW PvP achievements you can buy from our store. 


Boosthive also offers you to get a cool Battle Master title which is pretty difficult to acquire due to a long chain of quests. Our team will get you this honorable title in just a couple of weeks! Please do check the requirement on the product pages as to order some services your character must be at least level 110 or higher.


We provide only piloted PvP achievements boost, which means that we will need access to your account. But don’t worry! Our professional players use only the safest strategies, so your account will stay totally safe and fine during the whole time of the carry process. We do provide a live-stream so you can watch the hard work of our boosters and see your character receiving the long-awaited titles.


Whether you want just to get some basic Arena achievements boost or buy some complex PvP title carries, Boosthive is here to help you! Talk to one of our support managers, tell them your request and they will surely make you the best price offer on the market.

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