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World of Warcraft is one of the most exciting and challenging MMORPGS where gamers can feel themselves heroes and to explore an endless dangerous world. However, leveling up a character can take much time especially if you lack necessary experience, and we are ready to help you reach the highest level quickly and easily.

What We Offer

We are experienced experts and fans of WoW and know everything about PvP and PvE carry, raids, ratings, loot runs, powerleveling and various mounts. As the game is constantly evolving, our boosting services will help to deal any challenge and enhance your adventures.

Our goal is to provide gamers with fast and quality boosting services at a good price, including orders with special conditions. Unlike other services, we have lots of unique offers for WoW and other games so that players could enjoy the process in full. Our team consists of professional gamers who take part in various championships and leagues. That is why you can trust us. We also offer friendly support, legal responsibility and secure online payments.


  • Raids. Players can purchase a run into Uldir Heroic or Normal Mode and get various achievements. It’s also a good idea to try glories of the Argus Raider, Pandaria Hero or Icecrown Raider.
  • Power-leveling. This is the most widespread boost among players. You can opt for character leveling, gearing, questing or profession leveling.
  • Scenaries. Choose from a solo scenario and take part in the battle for Lordaeron or get one of the faction mounts.
  • Artifact and Transmogs. Select appearance you would like to unlock and from classes like Death Knoght, Warrior or Paladin. You will also find a unique style for an Allied race and check out the look of Nightborne or Void Elves.
  • Mounts. Have a look at Legion mounts, rare drop mounts or event mounts. There are also options of flying in Legion, BfA or Draenor. Just give your login to a driver to play by your character.
  • Pets. Take part in the tournament and become an owner of Xu-Fu, Zao or Chi-Chi.
  • Achievements. If you don’t have time or patience to gather achievements, we can help you. Boost world events, legion achievements, feats of strengths or check out our achievements packs.
  • Reputations. Let our driver help you with reputation services like Zandalari Empire or Tortollan Seekers.
  • PvP. With regard to PvP services, we offer Arena 3v3 coaching, Arena 3v3 rating, Arena 2v2 rating and Vicious Saddle Mount. If you want to try RBG rating carry services, we recommend rated battlegrounds ratings and rated battlegrounds wins where players can get 10 rbg wins. You can also get Khan or Battlemaster title as well as honor rank or bloody coins.
  • Currency. Our professional player will make the routine farm for you or get some bloody coins.

Security and Guarantee

We guarantee you full security as all our services and customers’ payments are performed according to the agreed order. We know how to deal with the WoW server’s moderators so you can be sure you won’t get a ban and won’t waste your time and money. We use only hand work, and every boost is made by our team, not bots or robots. We are pretty honest with our customers and guarantee full safety of your account. For your convenience we recommend you to read the section How It Works on our website or contact our support. We respect your privacy and do not disclose any information you provide to us.

In addition to that, we know World of Warcraft mechanisms that could help us to fasten the boosting and make it cheaper. Be sure you will advance your character quickly and it will be less expensive than in any other website.

Why should you try our carry services? Firstly, you won’t get banned. You will save plenty of time and we provide you with recommendations about leveling, the best loot or Raid Tier set armor. Boothive is a great service for both beginners and experienced players. Even if you are not going to play World of Warcarft for a long time (also we don’t believe it), just think that raids, quests and other features could be available to you. You will find out what to do next when your character is armed and will move to a new level and challenges.

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