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Modern rhythm of life demands more and more valuable time which we usually don't have. That's why boosting in WoW turned into an efficient way of keeping your characters up to date. You're tired of long, boring farming and the extensive grind that comes along with it? Fear not, Boosthive has the answer for that! We are a team of boosters who achieved top ranks in World of Warcraft leaderboards, which means we can offer a wide variety of otherwise difficult WoW services. Boost your characters in any and every way you want to. Feel free to review the comments regarding our WoW carry service as you will see our 5 years' worth of experience and quick order completion leave nothing but satisfied customers. We can proudly say Boosthive is one of the best WoW boosting service providers in the field.

World of Warcraft a wonderful, rich game where you get to make your very own character and bravely choose your side, be it Alliance or Horde.

Once in the game, you get to explore, kill monsters, get new items while traveling different lands, each with its own unique beauty and making your way through the vast amount of lore.


But, there are those who have been playing it for some time now, having seen most of what Azeroth offers. Many of us decided to make a new character, trying out the game from a whole different role and perspective. And then there are those of us who did that many times, going through a lot of familiar content, making the game seem boring.


If only we could somehow skip the well known, boring parts and get to that „end game“.


Well, look no further, Boosthive is here to help with any and all your WoW worries. We offer various types of WoW carry which will enhance your gameplay.


Our team has 5 years' worth of experience which makes us one of the best warcraft boosting providers in the field. Be sure to also check the reviews of our services and see for yourself that our quick order completion leaves nothing but satisfied customers.


World of Warcraft offers a wide variety of game content.


Leveling is a game in itself, which many players often want to skip and we understand that completely. Leveling can be tedious, boring and takes a lot of time which could be spent more efficiently.

That's why our WoW boost services are in high demand and with good reason. We offer a secure way to level your character to level you want, taking on the bad parts of the game so that you may enjoy all other good things, however you choose.


Once you level to the max, the „end game“ starts.

However, often it proves to be a difficult challenge since, more often than not, people tend to invite those with already good gear, making it that much harder for fresh, max level characters to join Dungeon/Raid groups. Have no fear, Boosthive offers what we like to call raid boost, which makes sure you get a guaranteed place in the group.

Not only that, but you also get to reserve items, meaning if something that you want drops, it's 100% yours!


That's not all. There are many more things in-game that are worth getting but often take a long time to do. You can choose to buy wow services to get the pets you want, different mounts to show your friends (and enemies) or perhaps choose Transmogrification, in order to get (low level) items that you need in order to complete that new character look you always wanted (Transmogrification). There is also Artifact progression and of course various in-game Achievements, out of which more than a few bring that new, cool title that your character may use. Profession boost service is also available as they are one of the more grindy parts of the game. If you're looking to gain reputation with certain factions for those sweet rewards, you're at the right spot. We also offer reputation boosting, where we do the often skipped content of the so-called „reputation grind“, which is almost always monotone and tedious.


Last, but not least, there is the infamous PvP part of the game. Player versus Player, whether it's Arena gameplay (2v2 or 3v3) or Battlegrounds (10vs10), the goal is to get enough amount of Honor in order to progress through the Ranking system, which in turn gives better rewards with each rank. So if Arena Rating is what you need, choose our Arena services. Battlegrounds offer a bit different PvP experience, so if you're after the titles and PvP Ranks in general, buy our WoW RBG boost service and enjoy the new PvP perspective.


Ask any experienced PvP-er, getting to Rank 8-10 is doable for most players, but still takes a lot of time. Anything more than that and one must almost choose not to have a real life.

Boosthive strikes again!

We have Gladiators (top ranks) in our team which will help your character get to the PvP Rank or Arena Rating that you desire in order to finally get the items you always wanted to have.


So, whether you're interested in our PvE or PVP services, we are proud to be able to say we provide the best wow boost services in the field.


Contact us, check the WoW carry services we offer, check our reviews, give us your vote of confidence and we'll take your gameplay experience to a new level!


One question gets asked more often than not and with good reason:


Is it safe to use Boosthive's World of Warcraft boosting services?

Customer trust and satisfaction are our number one priorities.

When you buy one of our WoW carries, we do not only use VPN to match your location and guarantee the safety of your account, but you can also watch us on Livestream as we play!

All payments are processed through our verified Business Paypal account. We respect your privacy and keep all your personal information secure and unknown to any third party.


Reasons to buy any WoW booster service from Boosthive:


  • We will complete your order ASAP.
  • Pve, PvP (Arena, RBG), Reputation boost and much, much more
  • Your account accessed via VPN to ensure account security, plus an option to watch on Livestream.
  • Friendly and helpful support, available 24/7 - Custom orders accepted!
  • More than 700 positive reviews on Trustpilot from satisfied clients


Start your boost today and let Boosthive unlock the world of Azeroth in likes which you have never seen before!

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