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Modern rhythm of life made boosting in wow into a way to keep your characters up-to-date. Boosthive is the place to skip a long and boring farm. Why choose us? We are the team of boosters who achieved top ranks in World of Warcraft leaderboards, so you can get professional assistance to buy the most difficult wow services. Check real reviews from satisfied customers. Ours 5 years experience and quick order completion making Boosthive the best wow carry service in the field.

You don't always have time to play as much as you want, so we're ready to help with whatever WoW boosts you need. Our players are experts in the game. Have a special WoW carry service you want from us? We take custom requests!

Our WoW carry service is always up to date. Within minutes of the release of a new patch going live, we start grinding right away. If you're looking to buy WoW boosting at a reasonable price, choose us and you will also enjoy top-notch support. Our support managers are available 24/7 and are also experienced with the game. They are ready to answer any of your questions in our live chat, Discord or Skype anytime.

Is it safe to use Boosthive's WoW boosting service?

At Boosthive, your trust and satisfaction is our number one priority. While we are delivering your World of Warcraft boosts, you can even watch on live stream! We use a VPN to match your location and guarantee the safety of your accounts. We understand your time and accounts are valuable!

Most popular WoW boosting services:
  • Raids: Eternal Palace in normal, heroic or mythic boost with loot-traders and guaranteed loot. We work with only semi-hardcore and hardcore guilds which will help to gear up your character and get the best loot available in-game.
  • Power-leveling: Don't have time to level up your character in BfA or get gear? No problem! Our WoW leveling and gear boosts will save your time farming and have you enjoying the high-level content of your choice ASAP.
  • Questing boost and Artifact power carry: There are a lot of World Quests every day with a big assortment of rewards. If you find it boring to farm these particular quests, just choose this option and we'll take care of it for you.
  • Dungeons or Mythic+ boost: Need to clear the hardest BfA dungeons? Choose this option and we will do it for you with loot-traders that match your armor type.
  • PvP carry services: Do you play arena or battlegrounds? Our gladiators will boost your PvP rating in any format!
  • Mounts: There are tons of different mounts in the game, we can get any of them for you? Pick the one you want our boosters will make it happen for you.
  • We are also ready to help you with achievement, reputation boosts, transmogrification farming, pet battles, island expeditions and more.

All payments are processed through our verified Business Paypal account. We respect your privacy and keep all your personal information secure.

Reasons to buy from Boosthive:
  • We will complete your order ASAP.
  • Your account accessed via VPN to ensure account security.
  • Friendly and helpful support available 24/7
  • Custom orders accepted!
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