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Glory of the Draenor Hero

Buying Glory of the Draenor Hero with carry for all draenor dungeons and obtain fully completed achievement
Make purchase Glory of the Draenor Hero boost run you will receive World of Wacraft mount 
Frostplains Battleboar
completion of Glory of the Draenor Hero meta grants 255 achievement points includes:

 A Gift of Earth and Fire
Come With Me If You Want to Live
Is Draenor on Fire?
 Militaristic, Expansionist
 Expert Timing
Take Cover!
I Saw Solis
Magnify... Enhance
Ready for Raiding IV
Magnets, How Do They Work?
Bridge Over Troubled Fire
Dragonmaw? More Like Dragonfall!
Icky Ichors
Souls of the Lost
What's Your Sign?
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
No Ticket
...They All Fall Down
Water Management
Weed Whacker
Draenor Dungeon Hero


  • Accplay(Piloted): you share your login and pass to a driver that will play by your character.
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Glory of the Draenor Hero boost ETA 1-7 days

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