Glory of the Draenor Hero

Glory of the Draenor Hero

The Glory of the Draenor Hero boost is a run through 8 WoD dungeons on a mythic difficulty mode with the completion of 23 achievements that are required for the main Glory of Draenor Hero meta-achievement.

Frostplains Battleboar epic mount is the main reward for completing glory. This ground mount has only been obtained by only 14% of the player base ever since its initial release back in Warlords of Draenor. Glory of the Draenor Hero boosting service is the fastest and easiest way to add this boar mount to your collection.

WoW Glory of the Draenor Hero carry includes:

  1. Glory of the Draenor Hero meta-achievement.
  2. Frostplains Battleboar epic ground mount.
  3. 265 achievement points.
  4. Draenor Dungeon Hero achievement.

Boost takes: ~3 hours.

Important: We offer Glory of the Draenor Hero for sale to any player. However, please make sure to take a quick look at the basic requirements for this service before making a purchase.


  • level 45+;
  • no specific gear is required.

A live stream of the run is available with a prior request before the boost begins. You don't need to know any tactics or strategies before the run as our team will provide all the needed instructions on certain achievements along the way. 

Frostplains Battleboar for Sale

Frostplains Battlboar mount is a great reward for all players who decide to buy Glory of the Draenor Hero boosting services. This gorgeous hog mount will be a nice addition to any collection. There are a ton of achievements to go through in order to get it, and GotDH boost covers them all. Here is the full list of achievements that will be unlocked with our services.



Bloodmaul Slag Mines

Iron Docks


Upper Blackrock Spire

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

Grimrail Depot


The Everbloom

If you have any questions about buying Glory of the Draenor Hero or want to add something extra to this service don’t hesitate to reach out! Our customer support team is always ready to assist and can be reached 24/7 via Discord, Skype, or live chat. Expand your mount and achievement collection together with Boosthive!

Glory of the Draenor Hero