Black Serpent of N'zoth Mount

Black Serpent of N'zoth

Black Serpent of N'zoth is a riding mount awarded for completing Horrific Visions meta-achievement - Through the Depths of Visions. It takes a lot of effort to complete because players need to level their legendary cloak. You can avoid all the struggles with our Black Serpent of N'zoth boosting service.

Boosthive team offers Black Serpent of N'zoth for sale for all the players. If you don't want to stick with the old patch 8.3 content from BFA - this is the most optimal solution for you. Our professional boosters will complete everything to get this achievement and a new mount for you.

Black Serpent of N'zoth carry service includes:

  1. Epic flying mount - Black Serpent of N'Zoth.
  2. Through the Depths of Visions Horrific Visions meta-achievement with 80 points.
  3. Additional achievements included:
  4. A lot of Corrupted Mementos.
  5. Titanic Research Archive traits leveled up.
  6. BfA Legendary Cloak - Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve (additional option).

Boost takes: ~2-3 weeks.

Vessels of the Horrific Visions are limited per week, so players can do limited Horrific Visions run during one reset. That fact affects the duration of the service.


  • 60+ level;
  • Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve legendary cloak.

Through the Depths of Visions Achievement Boost

This meta-achievement was added in BfA Patch 8.3. Players need to do more than 20 Horrific Visions to get this reward. Even at max level you cannot just go and clear full Visions with 5-Masks - you simply will lose all your sanity and the run will be ended. However, with our professional Horrific Visions achievement carry you don't need to worry about your Legendary Cloak rank, as our boosters will do all the job for you.

Buying Through the Depths of Visions Achievement guarantees you getting this meta-reward and a cool N'zoth-themed mount. You don't even need to think about 8.3 content, but still can get the maximum of it with our Black Serpent of N'zoth farming service. 

Black Serpent of N'zoth