Brewfest Achievements Boost


Brewfest is a small yearly in-game celebration taking place in WoW in September-October. (Currently going: 09.20.2023-10.06.2023). It is a world event with lots of quests, fun activities, and achievements to complete. Boosthive offers you to buy our Brewfest achievement boost and forget about farming during this event forever! Additionally, we can farm the Brewfest Ram and Kodo mounts for you.

WoW Brewfest carry options:

  1. Brewfest meta-achievement:
  2. Сustom Brewfest achievements - pick other achievements that are not included in the Brewfest meta.
  3. Brewfest Prize Token farm:
    • any amount of Brewfest Prize Token;
    • main currency to buy Brewfest vanity items: x7 toys, x11 transmog pieces, 3 pets;
    • remember that you need 752 Tokens for all achievements.
  4. Coren Direbrew daily farm:
  5. Chowdown Minigame boost:

Boost takes 6-7 days.

Brewfest takes place in September and lasts for 2 weeks. We need around 3-5 days to complete all the achievements, so we recommend purchasing this service at the start of the event, so you don't need to wait another year. 

There're many other cosmetic rewards available at Brewfest. If you have a custom request, you're welcome to contact our managers in the online chat, skype, or discord. We are online 24/7 and ready to help.


  • 70 level;
  • this service is piloted.

Brewfest Achievements Boost

The more the merrier that is the motto of the world even achievements that plates have to complete for the yearly meta. Brewfest is not an exception. Apart from multiple quest lines, this unique world event has 2 rare-drop mounts to farm daily. Instead of doing that you can simply buy them from our boosters.

Brewfest rare mounts boost:

But not only do the mounts attract people to participate in this event, the fun is still there even after many years in action. New quests and new competitions can interest the veteran players while the new ones can enjoy a whole lot of new content.

In case you are not into the achievements but can’t miss out on events like that, or simply if you are too busy to farm Brewfest this year, Boosthive has a perfect solution for you. Buy Brewfest achievement carry and enjoy the full completion of this world even by our boosting team.

No stress, no grind, and lots of free time to spend on some important activities. That is how Brewfest intended to be completed. Grab a bear but the Brewfest carry and loot those rare mounts without lifting a finger.