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Master Angler of Azeroth

The Master Angler of Azeroth achievements is rewarded for winning the Booty Bay fishing contest. The Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza event is held in STV every Sunday at 2:00 PM PT.

Boost ETA: 1-3 weeks.

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  • 110+ level character;
  • Azeroth flying;
  • at least friendly reputation with Booty Bay;

How to become Master Angler of Azeroth in BFA or Shadowlands?

In order to win the Booty Bay fishing contest, you are required to catch a particular type of event fish x40 Speckled Tastyfish found in the fishing pools of Northern Stranglethorn valley. It would have been a simple task if only you would participate in this event. However, there is always a crowd of players who want to get this achievement to finally complete the Accomplished Angler meta.

Here are some essential facts that you need to know to get MAoA achievement as fast as possible:

  • now it is a trackable quest Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza;
  • 3 players can get the prize-winning places during this event;
  • every winner gets the achievement and a selection of rare rewards;
  • it is a hard achievement to complete alone, there are more chances if you have a party.

There are a set of rare prizes you can select from when completing the quest. No to waste your time in the course of the event have a look at them and select the one you are aiming for. This can save you some time and perhaps guarantee you a win. Here is the list of event prizes:

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Master Angler of Azeroth