Noblegarden Boost

Noblegarden | April 1 - 8

Noble Garden boost will help to get all rewards and achievements from the Noblegarden event in WoW. This holiday is a reference to Easter and it starts in mid-April. Players can get various achievements, a toy and a mount, several cosmetic helmets, and few battle-pets after looting enough easter eggs in alliance and horde villages. Noblegarden only lasts for one week, and somethings it is simply not enough to get everything.

That's where Boosthive comes in handy as we offer to buy Noblegarden achievements to get Noble Gardener meta-achievement and the Noble title. There is no need to put the completion on the last day and then rush this holiday in a hurry. We simply take care of everything and receive the desired rewards.

Event live: April 1 - April 8.

WoW Noblegarden boosting rewards:

  1. Noble Gardener meta-achievement:
  2. Custom achievements - choose the most annoying ones.
  3. Noblegarden Chocolates farm:
  4. Daetan Swiftplume Farm:
    • chosen number of daily kills of Holiday boss;
    • chance to get Noble Flying Carpet;
    • chance to get Holiday cosmetics;
    • 60+ level required.

WoW Noblegarden 2024 starts on April 1 and lasts for one week. Our team needs around 1-2 days to deal with all achievements, so it is recommended to purchase Noble Gardener boost at the start of the event.

Noblegarden holiday has multiple collectible items: 2 toys, several pets, rabbit circles transmog and a mount. If you want to make a custom order, don't be afraid to contact our managers in online chat or discord. We work 24/7 and ready to help you with custom offer.


  • 70 level;
  • Noblegarden event must be active.

Noblegarden Achievement Boosting Guide

The main reason for this event is to celebrate Easter and spring, while having fun hunting for Bringly Colored Eggs, get some funny bunny-ear transmogs and obtain Swift Springstrider. The mount can be easily purchased from auction at any time during the year, so it is not recommended to waste Noblegarden chocolate on this one. But other Noblegarden rewards cannot, so players have to farm a lot of Eggs during one week in order to obtain all goodies.

There may be several reasons to get Noble Gardener boost:

We know that 1 week may simply not be enough to finish the whole meta for players with a little free time. Also Noblegarden Eggs hunting may turn out not to be as exciting as it sounds. Enjoy all new collectible items and new title by simple buying Noblegarden achievements and activities from us. 

Feel free to contact our managers in online chat, skype, or discord. We work 24/7 and will be happy to answer all your questions.

Noblegarden | April 1 - 8