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Ahead of the Curve

Here you can buy Ahead of the Curve Raid Achievement. AotC achievement is rewarded for defeating the last boss on heroic difficulty in any new raid. This is a time-limited achievement that is only available till any new raid comes out, so hurry up and get Ahead of the Curve Feats of Strength on your account with Boosthive raiding team.

Ahead of the Curve carry includes:

  • You will get Ahead of Curve FoS achievement
  • Last boss heroic kill in the actual raid content
  • Chance to get powerful gear from the last boss in a new raid
  • Other rewards that connected with the certain boss or raid
  • Account sharing or self-play (depending on your choice)


  • 120 BfA character
  • No gear requirements

We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.

Ahead of  the Curve