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WoW Ahead of the Curve — AotC

AotC WoW (Ahead of the Curve) is an account-wide achievement that rewarded for defeating the last boss of the actual raid in heroic difficulty before the next patch or until AotC achievement will be removed.

To get an invite to the LFG group in Shadowlands raid leaders usually ask "link AotC" which means groups looking only for raiders with experience in the current raid. Searching a run without having AotC is very hard that makes the Ahead of the Curve boost is a good way to skip that boring part and enjoy the game or even find a guild!

Here you can purchase a run and get AotC achievement without any preparations or knowing tactics.

WoW Ahead of the Curve carry includes:

  1. You will get feats of strength achievement Ahead of the Curve(AotC),
  2. Fast and smooth run without wipes.
  3. In 9.1: Ahead of the Curve: Sylvanas Windrunner defeated in heroic difficulty;
  4. A chance to get powerful 246 ilvl gear;
  5. All other related rewards;

Boost takes 40-50 minutes.

Simply we will defeat the last boss for you and you receive the required achievement! Please note that you must hit the boss at least once to be able to receive AotC achievement and get a chance to obtain the loot.


  • character level 60.
  • for piloted at least 220 ilvl gear (pick an option if your gear is lower).

We use a VPN for account security and never ask any secret questions, so your account is protected from theft.

Ahead of  the Curve