Hallow's End Achievements Boost

Hallow's End

WoW Hallow's End is a yearly in-game celebration taking place in October. It mimics Halloween in the World of Warcraft with lots of candy and Trick or Treating guests, fun activities, and achievements to complete. Boosthive offers you to buy our Hallow's End achievement boost and forget about farming during this event forever!

Start time: 20 minutes / Boost takes: 2-3 days.

Hallow's End carry options:

  1. Hallow's End meta-achievement:
  2. Custom Hallow's End achievements - choose achievements that are not included in the Hallow's End meta.
  3. Headless Horseman daily farm:
    • choose the number of Headless Horseman runs on your characters;
    • chance to get The Horseman's Reins mount;
    • chance to loot useful Magic Broom;
    • some Tricky Treats.
  4. Tricky Treat farm:
    • any amount of Tricky Treat farmed;
    • main currency to buy Hallow's End cosmetics: 4x disguises, 4x toys, 5x pets;
    • you can get only ~769 Tricky Treats on 1 character during the event.

Hallow's End takes place in October and lasts for 2 weeks. We need around 3-4 days to complete meta-achievement, so we recommend pre-purchase this service at the start of the event. This way we guarantee that your service will be completed during the current event.

There are tons of vanity rewards available during Hallow's End. If you have a custom request, feel free to contact our sales managers in the online chat, discord, or skype. We are only 24/7 and ready to make a custom order for you.


  • 70+ level;
  • no gear requirements.

Requirements (wotlk):

  • 80 level;
  • no gear requirements.

Hallow's End Mount & Achievement Boosting

The main purpose of farming the Hallow's End festival event in wow is to earn achievement points, complete the huge meta-achievement and loot the Horseman's Reins. The latter is the rare mount obtainable only during the Hallow's End event. Although we offer you to buy the Horseman's Reins, we can't guarantee the drop of this Hallow's End mount, but our boosters will perform as many runs as needed to get it into your collection.

Enjoy this unique event without the constant need to farm the candies and travel around the Azeroth to loot the pumpkin caches. Have fun while our boosting team will take care of all Hallow's End achievements, toys, and collectibles for you.

Hallow's End