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Balance of Power

Here you can make a purchase Balance of Power achievement and unique artifact skin in WoW. You will get cool artifact appearance, ~25 quests completion, Nightfallen reputation revered, achievement and lots of loot. Balance of Power is one of hardest legion achievement which gives you one of the best skin for artifact weapon available in World of Warcraft.

Boost ETA: 3-5 weeks

Balance of Power boosting includes:

  • Unique skins for the chosen artifact weapon
  • Achievement Improving on History
  • Nightfallen reputation revered
  • Balance of Power quest complete all of 21 chapters questline (raids and mythic dungeons included)
  • 2-3 runs in Nighthold normal/heroic difficulty

Note: Druids takes the new model of cat/bear/tree or Moonkin for completing the balance of power instead of new artifact weapon skin.


  • 60 level character
  • World Quests unlocked

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Balance of Power