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D2 Iron Banner

Destiny 2 Iron Banner boost will allow you to get the Iron Banner tokens needed to get powerful weapons and armor from this unique limited-time crucible event. This activity is only available once per month for a one-week fighting window. Apart from new Iron Banner rewards, such as shaders, emblems, high-end weapons, and OP armor you also get the Irom Banner reputation from some of our offers.

What is Iron Banner in Destiny 2?

Iron Banner is a six-player PvP tournament that has been immensely popular in Destiny and therefore was continued in Destiny 2. Happening every 4 weeks this event is ultra fun and exciting way to spend a couple of hours while killing off enemies and gaining some cool rewards. Sometimes unskilled teammates can disappoint you making it impossible to enjoy the game. But don’t you worry, Boosthive got your back here.


Our professional team of D2 players offers you a fast Iron Banner boosting experience that will turn you into a killing machine. Order as many tokens as you need to buy the top Iron Banner weapons and armor dramatically increasing your character’s power. Don’t want to miss the fun of action, we can help you win in this challenge! Our team of boosters will help you to learn new skills, tactics, and strategies, from the top Destiny 2 players. Participate in battles, feel the teammate's support, and destroy your opponents with a super-powerful team.


After you are done with the fun and received enough tokens, you can take the ultimate reward by exchanging them for some cool items with Lord Saladin. Remember that the level advantages are enabled, meaning that Guardian’s level and your gear will highly increase your chances to win the Iron Banner competition.


What happens after I purchase the Iron Banner Boosting service?

As soon as you proceed with your checkout, one of our managers will contact you to fully understand your requirements and assign the best suitable booster for your Iron Banner carry. After that, you can relax and log-back in at the negotiated time to exchange your tokens for some amazing goods. Keep in mind that our Destiny 2 Iron Banner services are cross-platform and can be performed on PC, PS4, and Xbox.


If you have selected the “self-play” option and decided to join our boosters for some killing spree fun, then you will be guided to your service and start the Iron Banner PvP boost at the time most convenient for you. Watch our pro booster with your greatest attention and pick up the skills necessary to dominate in PvP. Such lessons are crucial for the further development of your personal skill and by doing Iron Banner self-play boost you are getting a double value!


Buy Destiny 2 Iron Banner Boosting Service today


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save some of your time and avoid boring and at times stressful Iron Banner farm. Get the Iron Banner carry from professional players and receive the high-quality boosting experience directly from Boosthive. We often have discount seasons and some great offers on Destiny 2 products, so don’t forget to check our store regularly.

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