Eye of Sol Sniper Rifle

Eye of Sol Sniper Rifle

Buy the Eye of Sol and enhance your long-distance combat capabilities. Recently reintroduced in the Season of the Wish, this weapon maintains its top-tier performance. Featuring high damage per second, remarkable range, and an ideal scope for PvP battles, it's designed to boost your effectiveness in the Crucible. Get the Eye of Sol boost today and conquer the Trials of Osiris with ease.

The Eye of Sol is a dynamic 90 RPM Kinetic Sniper Rifle with an Adaptive frame. Choose to obtain a highly optimized Eye of Sol carry, or specify the perks you prefer, and our team will diligently work to procure this exceptional firearm for you. To maximize its capabilities, consider upgrading to the Adept Eye of Sol, which offers a +2 increase to all adjustable stats!

Start time: 1 hour | Boost takes: 1 day.

Eye of Sol carry service includes:

  1. The desired version of the Eye of Sol Sniper Rifle.
  2. Trials Reputation, Ranks, and Engrams.
  3. Chance to get Adept weapons.
  4. All additional drops that you obtain during boosting.
  5. Experience boost for your artifact and season pass level.

The self-play (sherpa) option may be unavailable if you decide to order this service 8 hours before the reset. Please check availability with our managers in the online chat, Skype, or Discord.


  • Recommended 2000+ power level;
  • Minimum 1945+ power level without Artifact;
  • "Trials Access" Quest completed.

Please note: Your power level matters here! If it is lower than the 1801+ power level without the artifact, choose the appropriate option.

How do Trials of Osiris Flawless carry work?

The Trials of Osiris is a D2 PvP game mode that rotates around 3v3 matches. A flawless trial is achieved by winning your opponents 7 times in a row. Losing a match will result in the failure of the challenge, which will have to be restarted.

Here is some core information about the Trials of Osiris:

  • You may have a dirty 7-1 win streak with the Mercy Passage;
  • Mercy Passage has fewer rewards in the process;
  • The Confidence Passage is the hardest and most rewarding mode;
  • Osiris rewards have a weekly rotation;
  • This game mode is accessible weekly from Friday to Tuesday.

With this information in mind let us see why players prefer to buy flawless trials carry.

Why are Trials of Osiris so hard?

Apart from challenging PvP mode and the requirement of a highly skilled premade team of 3 players, you will have to follow another obstacle on your way to the trial’s flawless title in D2. It is the matchmaking algorithm.

The key problem here is that you only fight with a team that has the same win count as you do, making the last couple of matches very hard to win.

Losing the last one out of seven matches can make you feel desperate and angry, but don’t worry, we are here to help. Boosthives professional Trials of Osiris boost service are ready to get you that well-deserved title and rewarding equipment!

Eye of Sol Sniper Rifle