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Shadowlands Weekly Bundle

Shadowlands weekly chores have increased the amount of game time spent by players to complete all the necessary tasks and keep up to date with everything from covenant sanctum building to the Ve’nari reputation and Stygia farm in the Maw.

With our SL weekly bundle boost, you will never have to worry about any of that again while our carry team will help you to complete most of the tasks in the fastest way possible.

Boost ETA: 1 week.

Shadowlands weekly bundle carry service includes:

  • x7 covenant callings completed (daily quests);
  • x1000 anima farmed to complete Replenish the Reservoir quest;
  • x14 (x2 per day) daily quest in the Maw;
  • 2x weekly quests in the Maw;
  • weekly Return Lost Souls quest in the Maw;
  • x2 weekly PvE / PvP quests in Oribos (optional).

All of the above are essential for smooth character development and obtaining the right resources for both PvP and PvE progression. However, before buying SHadowlands weekly bundle boost, please make sure that you meet the following basic requirements.


  • WoW Shadowlands expansion purchased and active;
  • 60 level character with 150+ gear;
  • Covenant selected and the sanctum unlocked;
  • The Maw Zone and daily quests unlocked.

Why weekly quests are essential in Shadowlands?

Weekly quests of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion are essential because they are used to time gate the development of your character. Missing a week of dailies and the Maw weekly quests will result in the loss of the key elements such as Renown and Stygia currencies and Ve’nari reputation.

The players who are limited in time can miss some world quests and even the core covenant campaign questlines which will prolong their progression as it is scaled weekly. Therefore not to become a victim of a missed opportunity we offer a special weekly routine boosting service that will help you to:

  • forget about the need to visit WoW every day;
  • leave the boring quest farming activities behind;
  • get all the required resources for faster progressions;
  • complete all necessary steps to develop your character every week.

With all of the above said later this awesome all-in-one shadowlands boosting bundle will include completion of mythic +15 runs and the heroic Castle Nathria. With all of them accomplished per week, your character will never lose that awesome competitive advantage. This will help you to achieve higher results in both PvP and PvE activities in the fastest and most enjoyable way. 

Why buying Shadowlands weekly routine carry is the best option?

Boosthive is one of the best places to get your Shadowlands weekly boost on the market. We have a solid reputation and can vouch for the reliability of our carry team. Additionally, we can guarantee you the following:

  • your boost will be done manually (by hand);
  • the carry will be done with the use of only time-proven safe methods;
  • we will inform you about all stages of the boost and even share the private live stream at requests;
  • we know what we are doing and will use our expertise to make you get only the best experience.

With all those beautiful perks you should not worry about your character progression anymore. Just make your order and buy Shadowlands weekly routine carry to get all those quests and challenges completed.

Shadowlands Weekly Bundle