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Embodiment of the Storm-Eater - Raszageth Mount Customization

Unlock Raszageth Dragonriding Customization by simply buying Embodiment of the Storm-Eater from us. This item drops from mythic Raszageth and it grants your Renewed Proto-Drake mount appearance that looks like Raszageth herself!

Become a proudful owner of this customization and transform your drake into something that really stands out from the crowd. Embodiment of the Storm-Eater manuscript drops with 100% chance. It will be available for boosting till the end of the Dragonflight expansion.

WoW Raszageth customization boost includes:

  1. Drakewatcher Manuscript Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of the Storm-Eater.
  2. Fast kill of the last boss in  Mythic: Vault of the Incarnates.
  3. Chance to get 424 ilvl gear (group loot).
  4. Mythic: Raszageth the Storm-Eater achievement.
  5. Deep Cuts From the Vault achievement:
  6. FoS Cutting Edge: Raszageth the Storm-Eater.

Boost takes: ~1 hour.

Feat of Strength achievement Cutting Edge: Raszageth the Storm-Eater will become unobtainable with the next raid release. However, Embodiment of the Storm will be available for sale with 100% drop chance till the end of expansion!

Please check our basic requirements before buying Raszageth customization unlock from us.


  • 70 level;
  • fresh cooldown for VotI Mythic raid;
  • seflplay (no need to know tactics).

Buying Raszageth Mount Customization

The first tier of the Dragonflight expansion has already brought a bunch of awesome rewards including a Drakewatcher Manuscript from the last boss of the Vault of the Incarnates raid. It unlocks access to Raszageth appearance for your Renewed Proto-Drake. However, obtaining Embodiment of the Stom-Eater manuscript from mythic difficulty is not an easy task to do if you are not a full-time WoW raider with top PvE-guild. That's one of the several reasons that can stop you from getting it.

Why it is hard to get Raszageth Dragonriding Customization?

  1. Embodiment of the Storm-Eater drops only from mythic difficulty.
  2. You need to clear first seven hardcore bosses first.
  3. It drops from the last boss that is only killed by a small margin of players (~1%).
  4. Only 2 manuscripts drop for 2 players in the raid per kill.

These are the reasons that makes Raszageth's Embodiment customization so prestigious and desired by many players. Luckily for you, our team offers the best possible solution. We offer players to buy Embodiment of the Storm-Eater to gain access to Raszageth customization fast and easily. 

We work with world-top guilds who will clear the raid and just invite you straight to the last boss so you can enjoy the kill and customization. We will defeat Raszageth and trade you Embodiment of the Storm-Eater manuscript at the end. That's very simple and straightforward service, isn't it? In additional, several few prestigious achievements and a title await you as well.

What is Embodiment of the Storm-Eater drop rate?

As long as you are buying Raszageth mount customization while Dragonflight remains the latest expansion, the drop rate of the Drakewatch manuscript is 100%. After the new expansion will be launched on live servers, this drop rate will be strongly decreased to 1% chance. We predict that it will become as many other last boss rewards in the game.

Don't miss your chance of getting Raszageth dragonriding customization boost as soon as we start selling last boss runs in VotI raid. This way you are guaranteed to loot this appearance early in the expansion and get it done.

Embodiment of the Storm-Eater
$1 999