Marks of Honor

Marks of Honor
x10 Marks

Why players would want to buy Marks of Honor in WoW and what they are for? The answer is simple. Marks of honor is the currency in World of Warcraft that allows players to purchase legacy items from PvP vendors. Mostly used for acquiring cosmetic items, this currency is relevant for people who are looking to upgrade their wardrobe with some of the older items that the game has to offer.

Another question that many players have is how to get marks of honor, and the answer is equally as simple. Marks of Honor are rewarded for winning in battlegrounds, skirmishes, arena matches, and quests. However, the drop in PvP is completely random, chances are small, and quests rewards are minuscule. This forces players to grindMarks of Honor in WoW for hours, just to get a simple cosmetic item. This isn't right, and we are here to fix it with our Marks of Honor farming service.

WoW Marks of Honor boost include:

  1. Farm Mark of Honor for any amount.
  2. 100% done by hand via non-rated battlegroups.
  3. Tons of Honor and Conquest.
  4. Several battleground wins obtained during the service.

Boost takes: 1 hour/10 marks.

You can select any amount of Marks of Honor with our flexible calculator. The price is shown per x10 Marks. Choosing more will result in a bigger discount. Before buying Marks of Honor from us, please check the basic requirements for this type of farm service.


  • max level in current expansion;
  • this service is only piloted;
  • any gear.

Where to buy Marks of Honor

There is no direct way to buy Mark of Honor in-game, and the chance of it dropping from PvP activities is rather low. So low, in fact, that it might be incredibly frustrating to farm them out to get just a piece of cosmetic gear. There are also quests that can yield this currency, however, the amount is astonishingly small and not nearly enough to get all the items that players might want. The only reliable way to get Marks of Honor in WoW is to run PvP activities over and over again, which is not only tedious but also just really boring, especially for people who are not enjoying the PvP aspect of the game.

The easiest way to get all the legacy PvP transmogs is to buy Marks of Honor here on Boosthive. With our professional service, we will boost the number of Marks of Honor on your character to any desirable amount. Honor Marks are incredibly frustrating to get normally, but with the help of our service, you can enjoy all of the legacy items hassle-free and without any stress. Don’t waste precious time on this pointless grind and enjoy our professional service instead.

What can you buy with Marks of Honor?

As was mentioned before you can buy various tmog pieces, but you can also get some of the legacy consumables. This is very useful if you are going for achievements, or just want to collect some of the older items.

Mark of Honor prices for PvP transmog:

  • x12 Marks of Honor - full PvP set appearance from one previous season;
  • x80 Marks of Honor - all weapon appearances from one previous season.

If there are any questions regarding the Marks of Honor boost or you want to add additional requests to the order, just message our support team and they will be glad to help at any time. With them working 24/7 you can get the answer to any question even in the middle of the night.

Marks of Honor
x10 Marks