Honor Level Boost

Honor Level Boost
$8 100
Estimated time for boost: 499 days
$8 100
Estimated time for boost: 499 days

Honor Level is the key indicator of your PvP experience. The longer you fight the opposing faction the higher you level up your honor. The maximum available honor level is 500+ and the Boosthive carry team is one of the few ones that can help you reach it fast and efficiently.

Buying WoW Honor level boost will help you complete as many PvP stages as required gaining new achievements and rewards for each one. This Honor level farming service provides you leveling of the chosen amount of Honor ranks to increase your Prestige. 

WoW Honor level carry rewards.

  1. Desired number of Honor levels farmed (up to 500!).
  2. All rewards for chosen Honor Level (see the list of all cosmetic rewards below).
  3. Tons of Honor to obtain unrated PvP gear.
  4. A lot of Conquest points.
  5. Many Marks of Honor to buy PvP transmog sets from previous seasons.

Boost ETA: 1 day/honor level.

You can choose your current and desired Honor level with our flexible calculator. The duration of the boost will also depend on the chosen number of levels. 

We provide Honor Level service through random BGs and skirmish arena spam and there are only a few requirements before purchasing this service.


  • 70 level;
  • this service is piloted only.

Honor Level Boost Explained

Honor level grinding in World of Warcraft is one of the hardest things to do. The uneven Battleground or slacking poorly skilled teammates can turn a fun PvP activity into a complete nightmare. That is exactly why we offer you to buy as many Honor levels as you need with the help of our flexible calculator and fast and efficient delivery.

Our booster will win an insane amount of unrated battlegrounds to get you to the desired 500+ honor level in a safe and controlled environment. Additionally, frequent updates and streams are available upon your request. Farm PvP levels in WoW to get some awesome rewards, upgrade your PvP gear and loot some unique mounts and cosmetics.

WoW Honor Level Rewards & Cosmetics.

We've prepared the full list of all prestigious items you can earn by boosting your Honor level.

Achievement Reward
Honor Level 5 Dutiful Squire (Alliance) / Dutiful Gruntling (Horde)
Honor Level 10 Honorable Pennant toy, Legion PvP Artifact Appearance
Honor Level 15 Prestigious Bronze Courser mount
Honor Level 20 Alliance Enthusiast (Alliance) / Horde Fanatic (Horde)
Honor Level 25 The Honorable title
Honor Level 30 Prestigious Pennant toy, Legion PvP Artifact Appearance
Honor Level 40 Prestigious Ivory Courser mount
Honor Level 50 The Prestigious title, Legion PvP Artifact Appearance
Honor Level 60 Elite Pennant
Honor Level 70 Prestigious Azure Courser mount
Honor Level 80 The Unrelenting title, Legion PvP Artifact Appearance
Honor Level 90 Esteemed Pennant toy
Honor Level 100 Title the Unstoppable Force
Honor Level 125 Prestigious Forest Courser mount
Honor Level 150 Prestigious Royal Courser mount
Honor Level 175 Glorious Pennant toy
Honor Level 200 Title Bound by Honor
Honor Level 250 Prestigious Midnight Courser mount
Honor Level 300 Title the Tactician
Honor Level 400 Sir Snips (Alliance) /Bucketshell (Horde)
Honor Level 500 Prestigious Bloodforged Courser

If you are still uncertain or have any questions, feel free to contact us in the 24/7 online chat support.