Zereth Mortis Zone Access Unlock

Zereth Mortis Unlock

The first step players will do in Patch 9.2 Eternity's End - unlock Zereth Mortis zone. It opens loads of content including new high-end zone, daily quests, rares, treasures, world boss, new faction, game-systems and entrance to the new raid. However, before you can gain access to Zereth Mortis you must complete a lengthy questline.

However, you can buy Zereth Mortis zone unlocking to skip all introductory quests and get straight to new activities fast and easily. We will finish all storylines and all the steps, so you can start your 9.2 adventures.

WoW Zereth Mortis zone unlocking boost rewards:

  1. All Zereth Mortis introductory quests completed.
  2. Access to new zone - Zereth Mortis.
  3. Secrets of the First Ones 3/7 chapters completed:
    • daily, world and weekly quest unlocked in the zone;
    • Cypher Console access.
  4. New reputation access: The Enlightened.
  5. Cachial Understanding trait learned to unlock the bonus world quest.

Boost takes: ~2-3 hours.

Players who didn't test it on PTR servers might find new introduction quests a bit confusing. And even if you will spend a couple of hours unlocking all Zereth Mortis content for your main character, we doubt that you will have the same fun doing everything again on your alts. Therefore our Zereth Mortis access carry is the best solution for you.

Please check our basic requirements for this service. If you miss some of them - feel free to contact us in the online chat and we will be happy to help you.


  • 60 level;
  • main Shadowlands storyline completed;
  • Torghast, Maw, Korthia unlocked.

How to unlock Zereth Mortis Zone in 9.2?

After the new patch, Primus will offer to pick a new quest and open a portal leading to mysterious Zereth Mortis where the new adventure begins. After a few story ​twists and turns, you will find yourself in this cradle of creation. Moving forward in the story, the player and Pelagos will unlock the way stone to be able to teleport between Oribos and Zereth Mortis faster. The portal will be located on the second floor near the portals to realms of afterlives.

However, the first trip on each character to the new mysterious zone will be blocked by a lengthy questline. Therefore you have two options here whether complete it on your characters or let us take care of the whole unlocking process by simply purchasing the Zereth Mortis access boost that we offer for sale.

Zereth Mortis Unlock