Secrets of the First Ones (Zereth Mortis Campaign)

Secrets of the First Ones Campaign

With the release of Patch 9.2 Shadowlands, players will start a new story in Zereth Mortis. Secrets of the First Ones campaign boost will help you to complete all the required quests and finish Shadowlands story while receiving a few additional perks in the process. Each chapter will reveal more information about the mysterious First Ones and help players better understand their musical language to unlock all secrets of the first ones.

WoW Secrets of the First Ones carry rewards:

  1. 7/7 chapters of the patch 9.2 story - Secrets of the First Ones.
  2. Learn more about the First Ones, Sylvanas, Anduin & Jailer.
  3. Some reputation with Enlightened Brokers.
  4. Double Legendary belt unlocked on Chapter 7.
  5. Access to Zereth Mortis daily quests.
  6. Build your base in Haven.
  7. Unlock Cypher of the First Ones system.

Boost takes: 8-10 hrs. (10-12 days for double legendary).

Buying Secrets of the First Ones campaign service guarantees you an early start right on the first week of the 9.2 patch release. Make sure you won't miss the new content!


  • 60 level;
  • no gear requirements
  • Maw/Korthia unlocked.

Patch 9.2 Campaign Boosting Explained

As the story of Shadowlands comes to its conclusion, the new plot twists are revealed for the champions of Azeroth. New patch - Eternity's End unlocks the forbidden realm of the First Ones - Zereth Mortis. New campaign quests and the Cypher of the First Ones system were added for players to take part in during the main storyline of patch 9.2.

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Secrets of the First Ones Campaign