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Celestial Tournament

What will I get?

Celestial Coin for each weekly win of the Celestial pet tournament which grants you one of 4 following pets(you need 3 coins for each pet):

Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen Fierce and loyal, Xu-Fu loves to hunt by moonlight.
Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji Chi-Chi tries to inspire hope with her loud squawk and by chasing, and eventually eating, butterflies.
Zao, Calfling of Niuzao Always on the lookout for a fight or some tasty grass, Zao keeps his head down and eyes forward.
Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon A master sculptor devoted her life to creating an incomparably beautiful statue, inspired by her love and reverence for Yu'lon.


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Celestial tournament