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Celestial Tournament

Celestial Tournament carry rewards:

  1. Chosen number of wins in Celestial Tournament.
  2. Achievement The Celestial Tournament.
  3. x1 Celestial Coin for the weekly win.
  4. x1 battle pet of your choice (only for the first win):
  5. Celestial Family achievement (in case you collect all 4 pets).

Boost ETA: 2 hours/win.

You get one Celestial Battle pet after your first win. The remaining x3 pets can be purchased from Master Li for x3 Celestial Coins each. It means that we need 10 weeks in total to get all 4 of them. However, a weekly quest that rewards Coins can be done on alts to speed up the process.


  • 45+ level;
  • 40+ battle pets with 25 level.

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Celestial tournament