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Celestial Tournament

Celestial tournament

Celestial Tournament boost is the easiest way to win this battle-pet scenario on Timeless Isle. This event was added back in Mist of Pandaria. Players must defeat 3 Champions of Pandaria and all 4 Celestial pets in order to win. This may be quite challenging as players are not allowed to heal and resurrect pets during the battle.

Boosthive offers to buy Celestial Tournament service and forget about wasting your time on unsuccessful attempts. Our boosters use the best pet strategies to win the scenario and get awesome rewards in no time.

WoW Celestial Tournament carry rewards:

  1. Chosen number of wins in Celestial Tournament.
  2. Achievement The Celestial Tournament.
  3. x1 Celestial Coin for the weekly win.
  4. x1 battle pet of your choice (only for the first win):
  5. Celestial Family achievement (in case you collect all 4 pets).

Boost ETA: 2 hours/win.

You get one Celestial Battle pet after your first win. The remaining x3 pets can be purchased from Master Li for x3 Celestial Coins each. It means that we need 10 weeks in total to get all 4 of them. However, a weekly quest that rewards Coins can be done on alts to speed up the process.


  • 45+ level;
  • 40+ battle pets with 25 level.

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Celestial Tournament Achievement Boost

Mists of Pandaria brought tons of pet-battle content that was completely missed by the majority of WoW players. Buying Celestial Tournament achievement will be a nice addition to any player who enjoys doing pet battles. It will allow you to get various rewards to expand your companion's collection.

This scenario can be quite challenging for unprepared players as it requires various strategies and different combinations of pets. However, our team knows a few tricks and best setups to defeat any Pandaria Champions with ease. In case you still have any questions before making a purchase, feel free to contact us in the online chat. We work 24/7 and our managers will be glad to help.

Celestial tournament