Time-Lost Proto Drake - TLPD

Time Lost Proto-Drake

The Time-Lost Proto-Drake (TLPD) is a rare fly mount that drops with a 100% chance from the same-named NPC. It spawns with a 10% chance every 2-8 hours in the Storm Peaks zone and shares spawn timer with Vyragosa. The player that hits the NPC first - gets the mount. Camping for Lost Proto-Drake is very random, long, and unpredictable process. But usually, it varies from 2 to 8 days of played time. 

That's why buying Time-Lost Proto-Drake mount farming service is one of the best ways to add it to your collection and potentially save weeks of game time. TLPD boost service 100% guarantees obtaining the mount, we camp it day and night until it is obtained.

Time-lost Proto-Drake mount purchasing rewards:

  1. Obtained Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake.
  2. 100% done by hands via camping and realm-hopping.

Boost takes:

  • ~2-7 days (retail);
  • 1-2 months (Cataclysm Classic).

The duration of the service may vary and mostly depends on luck with the TLPD NPC spawn.

Please note, that the Time-Lost Proto-Drake spawn rate is very unpredictable and long, so we will need to use your account a lot during the service.

Requirements (retail):

  • 60 level;
  • at least 1 week of active game-time.

Requirements (Cataclysm Classic):

  • 80 level;
  • at least 2 months of active game-time

Buy Time-Lost Proto-Drake

Boosthive team is highly experienced and knows some tricks to increase the chances of finding Time Lost faster than other players. We have already caught more than 200 protodrakes for our happy customers. Our Time-Lost Proto-Drake price is as low as humanly possible on the current market. We never use any bots or other forbidden methods, so our players stay awake and focused for the whole TLPD camping.

Time Lost Proto-Drake