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Time Lost Proto Drake — TLPD

Time Lost Proto-Drake boost is a service of hunting rare NPC in Storm Peaks to loot him and get the Reins of TLPD mount.

NPC Time-lost proto-drake that drops TLPD spawns with a 15% chance every 4-6 hours in Storm Peaks and shares spawn CD with Vyragosa. Who hit the NPC first - he gets the mount.  That's why buying Time-Lost Proto Drake mount farming service is one of the best ways to get the mount to your collection and potentially save a lost week.

Boost takes 5-7 days.

Time-lost Proto-Drake mount boosting includes:

  • Rare epic mount – time-lost proto-drake itself;
  • 100% done by hands via camping on different realms;
  • Screenshot of your character obtaining the mount.

Time-Lost Proto-Drake NPC is flying around the location and to 


  • 40 or higher level character;
  • at least 2 weeks of purchased game-time..

What will happen after purchase Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake mount farm?

Time-Lost Proto-Drake