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Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

Time-lost proto-drake mount boost is the best way to get this rare golden dragon mount in World of Warcraft. This item was added in Wrath of the Lich King expansion but only 5-6% of players even got it since then. Mount is looted from rare monster Time-lost proto-drake which very-very rarely spawn in Storm Peaks.

Boost takes 5-7 days.

Mount calls Time-lost since he requires to spend a lot of time to catch him. Time-lost Proto-Drake has a 15% chance to spawn every 4-6 hours and he shares a spawn time with the Vyragosa.

The Time-lost Proto-Drake boosting includes:

  • Rare epic mount – time-lost proto-drake itself;
  • 100% done by hands via camping on different realms;
  • VPN security for account safety;
  • Screenshot of your character obtaining the mount.

Our team will leave the mount in your bags so you will have the opportunity to learn it yourself.


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Time-Lost Proto-Drake