Deepstar Polyp

Deepstar Polyp

Deepstar Polyp is a secret Zereth Mortis mount that drops from a hidden rare - Hirukon. The drop chance is guaranteed only for those who managed to complete the secret fishing quest and summon this NPC from the depths. We offer to buy Deepstar Polyp and get this jellyfish mount fast and without wasting hours fishing for the rare quest item.

Our Deepstar Polyp mount boost is very simple and straightforward. The team will spend some time fishing for Strange Goop item from Hirukon's waters that is caught with a very low chance. After the item is received, the booster will complete all other quests with Baroness Vashj, thus adding Deepstar Polyp into the collection.

WoW Deepstar Polyp boost rewards:

  1. Rare Aurelid mount - Deepstar Polyp.
  2. Strange Goop that starts hidden quest.
  3. Baroness Vashj quest completed.
  4. Hirukon summoned and killed.

Boost takes: 1-2 days.

Before buying Hirukon mount, please have a look at the basic requirements. If you don't have Shadowlands Fishing 200, we provide an additional service to get it leveled up.


  • 60 level;
  • Zereth Mortis unlocked;
  • Shadowlands fishing 200;
  • Maldraxxus main storyline completed.

How to get Deepstar Polyp mount?

This awesome jellyfish Aurelid mount has a light forged texture and looks very unusual. Deepstar Polyp drops from Hirukon rare NPC that can be located in Zereth Mortis in patch 9.2. Players cannot kill this rare elite by regular means and the mount only drops for one player that summons it from the depths.

The following guide will help to summon Hirukon and guarantee yourself a mount in case you decide to spend some time rather than buying a fast Deepstar Polyp carry from Boosthive.

  1. Go to /way 51.4, 74.8 in Zereth Mortis and find a lake with Hirukon.
  2. Fish up Strange Goop from Hirukon's waters. The item has a small drop chance.
  3. Take it to Baroness Vashj and she will offer to create a lure for Hirukon.
  4. Find 3 ingredients to create a lure. Their locations:
  5. Return to Baroness Vashj and she will create Aurelid Lure.
  6. Using it near Hirukon will reveal Aurelid Cluster. Fish up to trigger Hirukon and if you succeed - kill the rare and it drops the mount.

Although it might seem easy, it is still fishing which means - low drop chances of quest item and a lot of wasted time. Therefore, Boosthive offers Deepstart Polyp for sale for everybody who wants to get this mount but doesn't want to waste time relying on luck.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us in online chat, skype, or discord. We work 24/7 and our friendly managers will be glad to help you.

Deepstar Polyp