Shadowlands Questline Boost

Shadowlands Questline

Shadowlands main questline boost will get your character carried through the main story of the realm of Death. Shadowlands wasn't the best expansion, however some players still might want to see some of its main features. But everything will be gated before you complete 4 main zones: Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald & Revendreth.

Our SL storyline boosting is the fastest way to get access to other Shadowlands stories and features like Torghast, Covenants, Maw, Korthia, Zereth Mortis and many others. Buying Shadowlands questline completion will be very useful for new and returning players.

WoW Shadowlands storyline carry includes:

  1. Fast start
  2. Shadowlands quest achievements completed:
  3. 100% done by hands service via farming quests.
  4. All loot, gold, and achievements acquired during the service are included.
  5. Loremaster of the Shadowlands (additional option).

Boost takes: ~10-12 hours.

Please note, that additional option will increase the overall duration of the service to 1 day. Before buying Shadowlands quest line achievement boost, please take a look at the minimal requirements for this type of service.


  • no gear requirements;
  • 50 level.

We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.

Shadowlands quest boosting route

Boosthive Shadowlands story line will be completed by a pro booster, who knows exactly how to deliver the fastest results on the market. The adventure for the first character to enter the shadowlands will consist of the following zones. The zones will be exactly in this order:

The time is an approximation of the boosting process in the perfect conditions therefore it may vary for each particular order. Moreover, the time will depend on the options you chose and the possible additional services you may want to get.

Upon experience carry completion you will be able to unlock the covenant system at level 60. The covenants played an important role back in the Shadowlands. Therefore without this system and constant participation in Covenant events, you will not be able to unlock flying in Shadowlands and get other juicy rewards.

Shadowlands Questline