Mail Assistant Toy - Postmaster's Questline

Mail Assistant Toy

Here you can make a purchase Postmaster Questline for WoW character. You will get Katy's Stampwhistle which allows you to send mail at any place without teaching engeenering, 2 achievements and battle pet.

Buying postmaster questline - you will get:

  1. The Total Package achievement.
  2. Priority Mail achievement.
  3. Postmaster title.
  4. Post Haste achievement.
  5. Mailemental battle pet.
  6. Katy's Stampwhistle toy, the mail assistant.

Boost takes: ~2 hours.

You can select some additional options before buying the mail toy. These options are:

  • I don’t have the quest item - This is the option to pick if you want to get this item for you, saving quite a lot of time in the process;
  • I only need the Post Haste achievement - This option means that you have done all but this last part of the questline, so you don't need the starting questline.


  • level 50+;
  • no specific gear is required.

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How to Get the Mail Assistant Toy

In order to unlock the Mail Assistant Toy - Katy’s Stampwhistle, players firstly have to find an item called Lost Mail. This item will start the questline. After this, there is a lengthy storyline that involves completing a difficult minigame at the end of it. With the completion of both the questline and the minigame players will receive all the aforementioned rewards. After the storyline is complete, players receive another copy of the Lost Mail that they can send to their friends, so they can experience this journey as well!

The Postmaster quest line involves a lot of luck in order to just start it. Lost Mail spawns in Dalaran, every 2 hours, and there are always plenty of people on the lookout for it. If you don’t want to deal with the headache of looking for the item, traveling for completion of the questline, as well as the minigame in the end - just leave all of this to us.

Postmaster questline carry is here to save you time and effort, while still getting the portable mailbox. This is incredibly useful, as it doesn’t require engineering, and in combination with the Might Caravan Brutosaur allows players to buy items off of the auction house while being anywhere in the world.

If you still have any questions about Mail Assistant Toy boost, simply contact us via Discord, live chat, or Skype. We are available 24/7, and are always ready to assist. Expand your WoW collecting together with Boosthive!

Mail Assistant Toy