Ny'alotha Transmog Sets

Ny'alotha Transmog

Ny’alotha, The Waking City is the last raid of the Battle for Azeroth expansion. With it being the last one it also brings some of the best-looking transmog sets in the entire game. Designed around Lovecraftian mythos, these tmog sets will suit anyone who likes eldritch horror-themed outfits. While desirable, these transmogrification pieces are still tough to obtain. Even with current level gear, it is nearly impossible to solo Ny’alotha, due to difficulty scaling in this raid. We offer an easy and quick solution to this problem in the form of Ny’alotha transmog boosting services.

Our team will be raiding the Waking City until all pieces of the transmog are collected for your character. The service is available for any difficulty, spanning from LFR all the way up to Mythic.

Ny’alotha transmog boost includes:

  1. All tmog pieces from Ny’alotha raid for any chosen difficulty.
  2. Achievement All Eyes on Me.
  3. Other raid achievements for the selected raid difficulty.
  4. All the loot that has been collected during the service completion.

Boost takes ~2-6 weeks.

In order to acquire all the pieces of this gear, the Ny’alotha has to be raided on several resets, since acquiring all of the items on the first run is practically impossible. However, the completion of the service is as quick as it can possibly be due to loot trading. More on that later.

Before purchasing this service please make sure to look at the requirements for the Ny’alotha transmog run.


  • level 70 or above;
  • no specific gear is required;
  • completion is possible only in piloted mode.

Buying Ny’alotha transmog sets

The process of getting the Ny’alotha transmog sets is fairly simple. After placing the order you will get contacted by our support team, which will help if there are any additional requirements or questions about the service. After this, the appropriate time for the Ny’alotha transmog boost will be established. We will perform the service at convenient times, meaning that the tmog runs will not interrupt your time in Azeroth even for a minute.

If the gear on your character isn’t up to snuff - do not worry, it isn’t an issue. Our team will perform the runs with their tunes in the group, meaning that they will perform all the heavy lifting. On top of that, those toons will be of the same class as your character, speeding up the loot acquisition process significantly.

Ny’alotha transmog boosting advantages

You might be wondering about the point of using the Ny’alotha transmog boosting services since it is possible to assemble the group to hunt this set in the game. The answer is simple - time. Raids in Battle for Azeroth are working with old looting rules, meaning that each boss only drops 5 pieces of gear at a time. The more people there are in the group, the less likely it is that the transmog that you need will drop specifically. On top of that, since our team will match the class of your character, all transmog acquired via our boost will be stacked. This speeds up the process of acquiring the gear exponentially, and when there is a need to wait a whole week for a reset this might save months upon months of time.

Ny’alotha transmogs available for sale

Here you can take a look at some of the sets that we offer from this raid:


Armor Set

Mage, Priest, Warlock

Cloth armor set

Demon Hunter, Druid, Rogue, Monk

Leather armor set

Hunter, Shaman

Mail armor set

Death Knight, Paladin, Warrior

Plate armor set

These transmogs are a treat to behold and can win anyone over with their eldritch aesthetic and ancient horror themes. If you want to ask any questions or add anything to the order, please message our support team. They work 24/7, ready to help at any time.

Ny'alotha Transmog