Uldir Transmog Sets

Uldir Transmog

Uldir transmog boost will help players to collect all of the Uldir equipment for any armor class they want. Cosmetic items from Uldir are especially popular and known for their strict, but stylish look inspired by Norse mythology. However, obtaining this set might prove quite challenging and time-consuming, since this raid still isn’t doable solo with current difficulty tuning.

We offer the most convenient way of obtaining these stylish items - transmog runs. It is much easier to buy Uldir transmog instead of farming it manually with pug groups. Our team can do it for you instead. We offer Uldir tmog runs for any armor type and from any difficulty. It includes LFR (Looking for Raid), as well as normal, heroic, and even mythic. Boosthive’s team has a lot of experience with the game and can obtain this set for you without breaking a sweat.

Uldir transmog boost rewards:

  1. Full Uldir gear from any desirable difficulty.
  2. Achievement New Mog, G’huun This?.
  3. Even more achievements from this raid, depending on chosen difficulty.
  4. All the loot that drops during the service’s completion.

Boost takes 2-6 weeks.

Since it is practically impossible to get all the gear in one go, it means that our team will perform the service until they get all the gear pieces necessary to finish the collection.

Check out these basic requirements before purchasing this service:


  • 70 level;
  • no gear requirements;
  • this service can only be performed in piloted mode.

Buying Uldir transmog set

Uldir transmogrification run is a simple service the whole point of which is in its name - getting the set from this BfA raid as quickly as possible. Our support team will contact you after the purchase to confirm the specifics of your order and schedule the service. Uldir transmog runs will happen every week until all the necessary pieces are collected. Naturally, everything is scheduled at a convenient time, so you can be sure that you won’t be interrupted during the gameplay by our teams.

If your character is undergeared - do not worry! Our team will invite their own geared characters in order to sustain your character in the raid. These characters are of the same class and armor type as yours, so the loot will be traded for you. This greatly speeds up the transmog collection process.

Uldir transmog boost advantages

Many of you might be wondering about the point of this service since the Uldir tmog run can be found in the premade group finder. There are a couple of important distinctions that make Uldir transmogrification boost vastly preferable over traditional transmog farming methods.

Pugging Uldir makes collecting the transmog much slower than with our boost. How so? The answer is simple - the loot has to be spread between different members of the raid. Bosses drop only 5 pieces of gear, and the more people you have in the group, the less likely it is that you will get the transmog piece. Not only that but the chances of other people trading their pieces for you are also quite low. This is exactly the opposite during our service! Our team will play the same class and will trade you all of the transmog, speeding up the collection of the set significantly.

In case you have questions or extra requirements for the service - don’t hesitate to contact us! Our support managers work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always ready to help you with the service you would like.

Uldir Tmog available for sale

Some examples of the available transmogs can be seen here:


Armor Set

Mage, Priest, Warlock

Cloth armor set

Demon Hunter, Druid, Rogue, Monk

Leather armor set

Hunter, Shaman

Mail armor set

Death Knight, Paladin, Warrior

Plate armor set

As you can see Uldir transmogrification boost can net you some beautiful cosmetic pieces, making your character look like a stoic Norse warrior. There are more available sets than are shown in the preview, and their look depends on the raid difficulty you choose.

Uldir Transmog