Fangs of Father Daggers

Fangs of Father

Fangs of Father is a rogues-only legendary added in Cataclysm and farmed in the Dragon Soul raid. Collection of these legendary daggers and lengthy questline can take weeks of your playing time. That is why we offer you to buy Fangs of Father weapons and let our boosting team unlock them for you.

Fangs of Father carry rewards:

  1. x2 Legendary daggers for your rogue:
  2. Feat of Strength: Fangs of the Father.
  3. A lot of transmog items from Dragon Soul raid.
  4. Slow fall effect if the legendary is equipped.

Boost ETA: 6-8 weeks.

We will need to run Dragon Soul for several weeks to farm x333 Shadowy Gem and x60 Elementium Gem Cluster. The drop amount is random from all the bosses, so the duration of the service varies from 6 to 8 weeks depending on your luck.


  • 50+ level rogue;

Fangs of Father Boost Explained

The Fangs of Father legendary daggers were once the ultimate weapon that every rogue character wanted. They are very overpowered in both PvE and PvP making this class almost unkillable. Now, however, they grant an FoS achievement and a legendary transmogrification that looks pretty badass with any Shadowlands gear set.

Our Fangs of Father carry service allows you to take care of your RL while our professional booster, completes the legendary questline, farms the Dragon Soul raid, and collects the necessary fragments to unlock this awesome weapon for your character. Buying FoF crafting boost is a real-time-saver that has great value and a 100% guarantee of service completion.

How to get Fangs of Father in WoW?

Fangs of Father were added back in the 4.3 patch during the Cataclysm. Players must complete a long questline and clear the Dragon Soul raid several times in order to receive this legendary item.

The quest starts from Lord Afrasastrasz at the entrance of the raid. You will need to use Pick Pocket on Hagara the Stormbinder boss to steal the special ring. After that, you will need to charge it for 12 hours (no need to be online the whole time).

There will be a sequence of easy go-and-speak tasks and a cool stealth quest in Gilneas ruins. After that, you will receive Fear and Vengeance epic daggers. You will need to empower by collecting x333 Shadowy Gems from the Dragon Soul bosses.

You're still not there yet! Wrathion will ask you to complete another two stealth missions in Karazhan and empower your daggers further. Upon finishing all the tasks, you will need to unlock your Fangs of Father full potential and get x60 Elementium Gem Cluster in Dragon Soul and defeat Deathwing.

You're now the wielder of legendary Fangs of Father!

Fangs of Father