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Sepulcher of the First Ones Full Gear

Purchasing SotFO full gear farm is the easiest way to gear up your character in the third raid tier in patch 9.2. Our team will help you get Sepulcher of the First Ones gear in each slot super fast. The new raid will have Progenitor tier sets with class perks and utilities looking like the armor of the mysterious First Ones. The Progenitor gear will scale from 252+ ilvl in normal up to 265+ ilvl in heroic.

Boost takes: 6-8 weeks. Depends on the raid difficulty.

Sepulcher of the First Ones gear carry includes:

  1. SotFO raid gear in each slot.
  2. Several full/partial runs into Sepulcher of the First ones on chosen difficulty.
  3. All achievements acquired during the service.
  4. 4/4 tier sets guaranteed.

Full gear from heroic, normal, and mythic modes will have the following item level:

  • full gear normal boost - 252 ilvl items in every slot;
  • full gear heroic boost - 265 ilvl items in every slot;
  • full gear mythic boost - 278 ilvl items in every slot from 9/10 bosses (Consular and The Jailer are additional options).


  • 60 level;
  • fresh raid cooldown;
  • no gear requirements

When Sepulcher full gear carry becomes available?

In order to gear up in the third raid of WoW Shadowlands, players will have to defeat 11 difficult bosses with The Jailer himself. Raid will be time-gated: players will only be able to face 8 bosses on the first reset, with the rest coming on the second week.

Our raid team will start farming the raid gear on the second week of raid release.

Here is the guide on how you will get full SotFO gear:

  1. Our team will clear the full raid in heroic with several characters.
  2. Then we gear up our players to unlock loot-trading for you.
  3. In the second week, we will start offering Sepulcher (NM) full gear services.
  4. On the third week, we will provide the heroic full gear boosts.

Feel free to contact our 24/7 support managers to get details on how to pre-order and get Sepulcher of the First Ones gear in WoW

Full Sepulcher Raid Sets and Weapons

The new raid introduced the Progenitor tier that will drop from the key bosses in SotFO. It will be available for each class adding some perks for certain specs and modifying rotations for them to feel new and fresh. In addition, it just looks cool with a great blend of progenitor magic, gold, metals with class-defining silhouettes.

Our managers will provide more information about full Progenitor gear farming and how to buy at a later stage of PTR. We will notify our customers of the date of the new raid release, as well as the availability of the gearing sell runs.

Sepulcher of the First Ones Full Gear