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Castle Nathria Full Gear Boost

Castle Nathria is one of three raids available in Shadowlands. All raids offer a variety of good items and transmog sets for your character. With the variety of item levels ranging from 200+ in normal, 213+ in heroic, and up to 226+ in mythic, buying full gear in Castle Nathria is a great way to boost your character appearances collection.

Castle Nathria full gear boosting service includes:

  1. Fast kill of bosses in CN raid.
  2. All item slots filled with CN gear depending on selected difficulty.
  3. Any other raids achievements on the selected difficulty.
  4. BiS gear list option is possible, please contact our manager for info.

Each raid difficulty has a different gear item level. Here are the options to chose from:

  • full heroic gear - 213/220 ilvl;
  • full mythic gear - 226/233 ilvl.

Boost takes: ~6-7 weeks.

Important: Full gearing service does not guarantee getting any set items. However, you can always use Creation catalyst to transform some received items into tier sets.

Full gear service is a great way to get your character a new shining transmog. However, before buying the full gear carry, please have a look at the basic requirements for this service. 


  • 60+ level.

When can I receive CN full-gear?

With the removal of the master loot (ML) system in BfA, it became harder to obtain specific slots of equipment. To get equipment in every slot from the Castle Nathria our boosting team would have to first get well-geared so that loot traders could transfer all possible loot to your character.

Here is the key info that will shed some light upon the “when” question:

  1. Our team will need at least 3 weeks to clear the full raids and gear up loot traders.
  2. The mythic difficulty will take much longer than that.
  3. After the raids are cleared we can start doing the CN gearing service as usual.
  4. Please check the schedule before purchasing.

In case you still have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

Castle Nathria Full Gear