Spirit of Eche'ro

Spirit of Eche'ro | Time-limited Mount

Spirit of Eche'ro is a rare archaeology mount added in Legion. This mount is a reward for completion Laying to Rest questline what can be completed only during 2 weeks every 6 months.

Boost takes 2-4 hours.

Completion of the service does not require any archaeology level and could be done even with archaeology 1/100.

Spirit of Eche'ro Schedule:


Mount looks like a ghostly moose and has a similar model with the Reins of the Grove Warden and Defiled Reins.

Spirit of Eche'ro boost includes:

We will leave the mount in your bags so you will have the opportunity to learn Spirit of Eche'ro mount yourself.


  • 50 or higher level character;

We will not ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.

Spirit of Eche'ro | Time-limited Mount